December 2007 - Know Who's Who

Meet RCP's 23 must-know Microsoft executives, some of them familiar and some less obvious. But all of them can potentially affect your business. Also in this issue, the results of our most recent survey show partners are (mostly) satisfied, partners find gold in financial services, and more.


Microsoft: No Evidence in States' Claim

States pressing for continued scrutiny of Microsoft Corp.'s business practices failed to support their argument with evidence.

Windows Home Server Causing File Corruption

Microsoft is facing its first crisis with Windows Home Server, which is causing file corruption when used with certain programs -- most of them from Microsoft itself.

Microsoft Releases Stopgap Fix for Flawed IE Patch

Automated workaround replaces manual Windows Registry reset, which elicits mixed response from security experts.

Microsoft Primed for a 'Hyper' 2008

Like a kid who's overdosed on Christmas cookies, Microsoft looks like it's going to have a hyper 2008.

Internet Explorer Problems Explode

With hundreds of millions of lines of code contained in Web browser applications, even the most informed and seasoned developers are bound to overlook a couple of things.

Patch Locks Out Some IE Users

Harold Decker usually installs Microsoft's security patches the day after the release, one Wednesday a month with no fanfare.

No Surprises in Last Patch Tuesday for 2007

As expected, the last Patch Tuesday offers fixes for seven vulnerabilities -- three of them critical -- and sets the tone for 2008 as the "year of the Vista Patch."

Former Microsoft Program Manager Accused of Stealing +$1M

Former Microsoft program manager for MSDN faces arraignment on 18 felony counts of wire and mail fraud.

Microsoft Releases Office 2007 SP1 Early

A year after its initial release, Microsoft today announced it is shipping the first service pack for Office 2007.

Microsoft PDC Is Back On

Microsoft Professional Developers Conference is back on the roster for October 2008 in L.A.

7 Fixes for Final Patch Tuesday of 2007

Microsoft's last Patch Tuesday release of 2007 is a big one -- seven fixes, with three of them deemed "Critical" and four labeled "Important."

Microsoft To Test Windows on '$100 Laptop'

Microsoft Corp. will begin testing a version of Windows XP in January on the "$100 laptop" from One Laptop Per Child.

Windows Server 2008, Vista SP1 Hit RC Milestone

Microsoft publishing release candidates of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista's first service pack.

New Exploit Targets Internet Explorer

Researcher in New Zealand discovered holes in Microsoft's Web Proxy Automatic Discovery (WPAD) program.

Vista SP1 To Enhance Security, Block Piracy

Microsoft said that the first service pack for Windows Vista will fight off known exploits as well as kill off its "reduced functionality mode."

New Windows 2008 Exam Betas Available

Microsoft beta tests three TS-level exams until Dec. 21.

A New Day Dawns for Sun and Microsoft

By the end of this year, you'll be seeing something different in the market-Sun x64 servers bearing Windows Server 2003 stickers. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based giant announced in September that it will resell Windows, expanding on the 2004 alliance with Microsoft. The move represents a concession of sorts from Sun, which-particularly under former CEO Scott McNealy, who stepped down in 2006-held steadfast for years in its refusal to sell Windows on its servers.

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