Security Advisor

On the Offensive

It's time to become proactive about stopping computer crime.

Rainbow Crack--Not a New Street Drug

You can roll your own (pardon the pun) cracks for Windows LM passwords.

Boot-Time Security

Boot-up is a dangerous time for your systems, a time before security policies to protect them may be active. Avoid danger with persistent policies.

The Hidden Risks of Process Controls

These networks aren’t well known by many, yet they’re responsible for controlling much in our lives. And they’re not very secure.

14 Reasons To Reconsider Software Restrictions

Software Restriction Policies is a terrific new security tool—if you know what it can’t do, as well as what it can.

Divide and Conquer

Are you role-playing with your network? If not, you’re missing a powerful way to make it more secure.

Psychologically Acceptable Security

Getting user buy-in for security is critical. Using certificate autoenrollment is a way to make it pain-free.

Separation, No Anxiety

Separation of duties is a good idea in the business world. It’s also a good one in the IT world.

Giving Them the (Small) Business

Microsoft's Small Business Server 2003 is a big leap forward for security.

Cross Certification Trusts

Windows Server 2003 provides a way to implement trusts among Certification Authority hierarchies selectively. Here’s how it works.

Exercises in Trust

Setting up forest trusts can be tricky. Here’s a step-by-step instruction guide.

Does Windows Endanger Society?

Security study faulty at many levels; let me count the ways.

Trust in Windows Server 2003

Trusts have changed significantly on Windows Server 2003, including the concept of forest trusts. Here's a primer.

Windows Services à la Carte

Windows Server 2003 installs fewer services by default, and installs others in a disabled state. Here’s a guide to what they do, and whether you might need them or not.

A 12-Step Plan for File Server Security

Securely bringing a Windows file server on the network may not sound difficult. But when it's running Windows Server 2003, there's a lot you need to know to do it right.

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