Security Advisor

Windows and Common Criteria

Microsoft heavily touted its Common Criteria certification for Windows 2000. But what does that mean?

Protect Your PDAs, PDQ!

You know about security for networks and laptops. But what about security for hand-helds? What? You don't have a plan?

Palladium: Blessing or Curse?

Microsoft is touting its next-generation secure computing infrastructure as a giant leap for mankind. Not everyone agrees.

A Few of My Favorite Things

So many security toys, so little time.

Domain Controller Lockdown

Implement Group Policy to automate the process of locking down domain controllers.

Marble Drop

Securing your servers by using templates isn't child's play. In her second installment on this topic, Roberta finds a parallel to a game.

Security, List By List

Security checklists are valuable—but only if you use them. Follow along on Microsoft’s list and harden a server.

How To Be a Security Babe

If you want to do IT security because it’s “hot” right now, or because you think that’s where the money is, forget it. If you truly love the field, read on.

Whom Do You Trust?

Active Directory’s trust model makes administration easier than NT, but also introduces the potential to do more damage. Make sure your administrators are trustworthy.

A Cry for Help

Public Key Infrastructure is at the core of most e-commerce and, therefore, must be done properly. You can do it yourself—or turn to some outside pros. Which option is for you?

10 Things I Like about XP Security

Suspicious of XP’s security features? As you spend quality time together, you’ll get to see its good points—maybe even become friends.

The Key to the Future

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s nearly here. Key recovery in .NET server promises to improve your Public Key Infrastructure.

Get Ready for Your Audit

Time spent with network security auditors pointed out to Roberta the most common weaknesses in companies. How does yours stack up to her list?

Securing Remote Management with WMI

Writing scripts for remote computer management can save man-hours and shoe leather. But like any part of Windows, it has to be properly secured, or you risk opening up your network to the bad guys.

10 Golden Security Rules

The ISO17799 is a group of policies that would be well worth your time to get to know.

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