Still a Friendly Ghost

Whether you're an enterprise network or a small company, there's nothing to be scared of with this Ghost.

Right Gun...Wrong Ammo

Web filtering is problematic at best, but iPrism puts up a solid defense.

Manage and Manage Alike

In today's inherently disparate networks, you need a management tool that can take control of all your Windows and open source systems.

MOSS Gathers Momentum

Readers rave about the new and improved Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Exchange 2007: So Far, So Good

The new Exchange offers welcome changes on the admin side, but not as many on the client side.

A Ninja at the Gate

Messaging Ninja keeps a watchful eye on the e-mail moving in and out of your Exchange network.

Take Control

Desktop Authority exerts the maximum level of control with a minimal amount of effort.

Changes for Better or Worse

The updated interface and raft of new features in Office 2007 will eventually make users more productive, but getting to that point is a struggle.

Reach Out and Watch Your Network

Longitude's agent-less architecture gives you a flexible solution for network monitoring.

Vista Not Quite Compelling Enough -- Yet

Early users like Vista's new interface and security improvements, but most are taking a "wait and see" approach.

Web-Filtering: Deal or No Deal?

It's a Web-savvy world out there, so getting the most out of any solution will require vigilance on your part.

Keep Tabs on SQL Server

These two SQL Server monitoring tools go head-to-head.

Microsoft Project Keeps Tasks on Track

Project is an already strong contender that will get even stronger with the Project 2007 release.

Change Is Good -- Mostly

NetPro's monitoring tool can help you keep a firm grip on changes in your network.

Follow the Rules

This strong, rules-based system will keep a close watch over your network's population.

VMware Workstation Is a Virtual Powerhouse

Readers say VMware's desktop virtualization tool, although pricier than Microsoft's free Virtual PC, is definitely worth the money.

Keep Your Hard Drive Healthy

Diskeeper helps keep today's monster hard drives neat and organized.

Control Your World

Total Traffic Control puts you at the helm of your network traffic.

Microsoft Virtual PC: Good Enough -- for the Price

Virtual PC may be free, but its lack of key features makes its more expensive competitor increasingly attractive.

Virtual Server Has Real Fans

Now that it's free and has "official" Linux support, users find Virtual Server 2005 R2 a more compelling option.

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