Aurora Beta: The Dawn of a New Day for Windows Small Business Server

With a focus on the super-small business market, Aurora offers a cross-premises Active Directory solution that's easy to manage.

Diskeeper V-locity 2: Server Virtualization Defrag

The defragmentation software for server virtualization offers useful features and unique value.

PolicyPak for Windows 7: Convenient Configuration

PolicyPak gives IT pros the power to automate application configuration with minimum hassle and maximum results.

Review Round-Up: Data Protection and Recovery Products

Backup software has come a long way in recent years. We compare four products that should prove useful, particularly for small to midsize enterprises.

LogMeIn Rescue: To the Rescue

Packed with useful features and easy to use, LogMeIn Rescue is a great product for supporting remote users.

AppSense Environment Manager: Manage User Profiles Like a Pro

AppSense Environment Manager could be easier to configure but is solid overall.

LogRhythm: Event Logs for All

LogRhythm will feel more comfortable to users with some database experience, but there's no debating the product's powerful capabilities.

Zero Hassle with Zinstall: Migrating From XP to Windows 7

With Zinstall, you don't have to leave your old desktop behind when moving from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Data Synchronization Tools Compared

In a field of applications that offers a wide range of functionality, two products shine.

Upgrade Your Outlook

Despite a hiccup or two, Messageware's suite is an excellent addition to Exchange 2010.

Controlling Virtualized Server Sprawl

These four tools provide excellent capabilities for reining in runaway virtualized servers.

A Great Discovery

NetSupport DNA can be challenging to get up and running, but performs extremely well once installed.

Take the Pain Out of Backups

The 3X Remote Backup Appliance is a useful system that can serve as your company's private backup cloud.

Network Navigator

Automation Anywhere Server is a solid network-automation product.


VMware's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is better than older versions, but not necessarily appropriate for virtualization beginners.

FCI Can Set You Free

The Microsoft File Classification Infrastructure can help you simplify data identification.

Fledgling File Sharing

GigaTribe version 3.18 is based on a great concept, but it still needs work.

Simple Is Best

Streamline your batch-management processes with ActiveBatch 7.

Windows 7: Deja Vista

Windows 7 adds a few cool features, but look, feel and performance are not much different from its predecessor.

What's New in Exchange Server 2010

Boasting a new and rich set of technologies, does it deliver?

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