Truly Wireless Networking

Strix Access/One's unique configuration can put an end to cabled networks.

Keep Data in Line, Most of the Time

For synchronizing data on PocketPCs and Smartphones, ActiveSync 3.8 is easy enough to use, but many users say OS and phone service issues can knock it off balance.

All Is Not Lost

When you need to find a long-lost document, dtSearch Desktop delivers quick results.

SoftGrid Serves Up Applications

Deliver applications to your users safely, conveniently and without a lot of overhead.

RX for Windows

The utilities in Winternals Admin Pak can help you get through most of the Windows troubleshooting incidents you'll ever encounter.

70-285: Design Exchange with Confidence!

This exam for Exchange presents a challenge that should only be taken with broad, in-depth knowledge and intense preparation.

Deployment Done Right

Specops Deploy 3.0 puts you on the right road to effective software deployment with Active Directory.

Guard the Door

ThreatSentry protects IIS servers from both known and unknown types of attacks.

Linux Living in a Windows World

It may be nowhere near as prevalent on the desktop, but Linux is no stranger to running servers.

Administration En Masse

User Manager Pro helps you keep tabs on your admin tasks.

Virtual Idol

VMware puts on a stellar virtualization performance with its latest version of Workstation.

Write the Perfect Script

Need to go deep and seize control of your Windows systems? One of these tools can help you perfect the art of scripting.

LCS 2005: Business-Grade Messaging with All the Extras

Microsoft's IM environment has matured into an enterprise-class tool, but it packs in more features than most users really need.

Get to Know Your Network

How well do you know your network? NetSupport DNA will give you the complete picture.

Halt: Who Goes There?

Biometric devices offer more security than standalone passwords. Here are three products that go beyond the basics for authentication and verification.

Management Muscle

AppManager gives you the tools you need to keep a firm grip on network operations.

Get Your Groove On

Remote collaboration moves forward with Groove Virtual Office's many workflow tools.

WSUS: Better Name, Better Product

Readers report that Microsoft's Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) tool is a vast improvement over its predecessor SUS.

NetMeeting: Still Going Strong

Besides Web conferencing, readers have found many other uses for Microsoft's NetMeeting.

Scripting Without Really Scripting

Desktop Authority helps you automate desktop management, even if you don't know the finer points of scripting.

Office 365 Watch

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