Redmond Negotiator

Survey Says...

Scott reveals the results of our recent reader licensing survey and answers several reader questions.

Will Microsoft Ever Change Its Licensing Ways?

No, Microsoft will not be "nicer" next time around. Deal with it.

Microsoft Licensing Survey and Contest!

Here's your chance to win consulting time or a Redmond T-shirt just by letting Scott know your most pressing licensing questions! Plus, why you don't want to let the the "tail wag the dog" when it comes to software.

The More Things Change...

Scott looks at the fairly static state of Microsoft negotiations, and what you can do about it.

Accurate Thinking

Knowing what you have (and having the ability to prove it) is key to saving money on your licensing fees.

Dealing with Multiple Microsoft Licensing Agreements

You can almost always bring these together -- and save money in the process. Our licensing guru Scott Braden shows you how.

2007 Licensing Resolutions

Our licensing and negotiation guru Scott Braden walks you through what you can do now make sure your Microsoft licensing costs stay in check through the new year.

Microsoft's Stealth Price Hike

Microsoft helps its quarter but hurts its customers by holding back details on price hikes -- more than quadruple on some products -- during the all-important October budget season.

A Redmond Negotiator Mulligan Stew

Tips, tidbits and other news from our Microsoft negotiating guru Scott Braden.

Getting Serious About Microsoft Alternatives

Scott offers realistic steps for gaining the ultimate bargaining chip when dealing with Microsoft: a willingness to move to something else.

SA 'Reparations' vs 'Incentives': What's in a Name?

The real scoop on how Microsoft is handling accounts burned by Software Assurance, and what you can do about it.

Is Microsoft's SAM Just a Shakedown in Disguise?

While Software Asset Management once showed promise for customers, Braden warns that the way Microsoft appears to be implementing the program should raise red flags.

Last-Minute Deal Tips

About to sign on the dotted line with Microsoft? You still have time to get the best deal possible.

Why Does Microsoft Keep Its Volume Pricing Secret?

Hey Microsoft, want to really help your customers? Publish your volume licensing price list! (Yes, all of it!)

Patents, Patches and Patently Absurd Ideas

Microsoft's most recent patch Tuesday wasn't just about security, it also patched a licensing problem. Here's why you can expect to see more patches like this in the future, and why patches won't be the end of it.

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