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Microsoft's 'New' SA Results in Same-Old Story

Despite the press coverage you might be reading about Software Assurance's new benefits, don't change your approach just yet.

Microsoft's Divide and Conquer Strategy

If you think Microsoft will be offering the many upcoming versions of Office and Vista simply in the name of consumer choice, then Braden's got a bridge he'd like to sell you.

Are Software Auditors ‘Shake-Down Artists’?

Scott responds to a reader’s call to action against the “black shirts.”

The Truth About Microsoft Software Billing Mistakes

Billing mistakes for Microsoft software happen more often than you might think. And when things go wrong, it's not just the price -- compliance can be affected as well. Here's what to watch out for.

Used Software: The New Reality?

If you're looking to save money on licenses (or make money on the ones you no longer need), license reselling may be the answer.

A New Vista on SA for Windows

Is Software Assurance on the desktop really for you (or anyone)?

A Lack of Progress

Scott shares his take on Microsoft's recent Software Assurance changes and the current state of asset management.

An End to Back-End Deals?

With changes in rebate percentages for LARs and Software Assurance, Microsoft is emphasizing service over reseller, Enterprise over Select Agreements.

Microsoft Open Licensing Tips

If you have less than 250 PCs, you need to read this.

Countdown To Your New Microsoft Deal, Part IV: Epilogue

What to do AFTER you've signed to get the most out of your contract and make the process less painful next time.

Countdown to Your New Microsoft Deal, Part III: Bring an Extra Shoe to the Office

This month: Wrapping up your deal—final negotiation and contract tips, and implementing for success.

Countdown to Your New Microsoft Deal, Part II

This month, Scott walks you through the next important steps for renegotiating your Enterprise 6.0 licensing deal, including cost estimating and Microsoft contact strategy.

Countdown to Your New Microsoft Deal, Part I

Many Enterprise Licensing 6.0 agreements will expire June 30. Start preparing now with these tips from Microsoft negotiating guru Scott Braden.