Microsoft Buys CyberX To Enhance Azure IoT Security Solutions

Microsoft on Monday announced the acquisition of CyberX, which will help bolster Microsoft's Internet of Things (IoT) security solutions.

Microsoft Gets More Specific on Feature Update Deadlines for IT Pros

Microsoft on Thursday outlined an updated calendar scheme for IT pros managing updates to Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.

Microsoft Resumes Monthly Optional Cumulative Updates for Windows Systems

Microsoft this week announced a few sundry news bits for IT pros maintaining Windows and Microsoft 365 environments.

Microsoft Enhancing Azure Data Lake Capabilities with ADRM Acquisition

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it bought ADRM Software Inc., a maker of data models for various industries.

ACLU Finds Microsoft Tried To Sell Facial Recognition Software to the DEA

E-mails exposed on Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) indicated that Microsoft was actively trying to sell biometric and facial recognition technology to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) over the past two years.

Windows 10 Gets Name Changes, Plus a New Update Baseline Tool

Microsoft this week announced some minor name changes to its Windows 10 update process and its test releases, and it rolled out a new baseline tool for IT pros to help with Windows 10 Group Policy settings.

Microsoft and SAS Expand Partnership in the Cloud

Microsoft and the SAS Institute Inc. are expanding their partnership, with Microsoft Azure serving as SAS' preferred cloud service provider, according to a Monday announcement.

Microsoft Releases Money in Excel, Plus a Stock History Beta

Microsoft announced a couple of notable Excel features this month for people who keep track of financial matters.

Azure Files Service Gets Active Directory Domain Services Support

Microsoft this week announced a few milestones for its Azure Files cloud-based file share service.

Microsoft Gets Backlash on Plans To Limit Facial Recognition Sales to Police

Microsoft's announcement that it will condition the sale of facial recognition technology to U.S. police departments based on human rights got a reaction from the Trump administration.

Microsoft To Require TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot in New Windows Server Hardware Next Year

Some optional Windows Server security implementations will become mandatory for Microsoft's hardware partners to include in their products, starting in January.

Microsoft Previews Windows 10 Nested Virtualization Using AMD Chips

Microsoft this week announced a preview of nested virtualization on Windows 10 machines using AMD processors.

Microsoft Ramps Ups Decentralized Identity Open Source Efforts

Microsoft this week provided an update on its years-long efforts to foster a decentralized identity approach to user authentications.

Community Hub Now Available in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

Microsoft this week announced the arrival of a new Community Hub feature in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.

Microsoft Releases Hefty June Security Patch Bundle

Microsoft on Tuesday released a total of 129 security patches, with 11 rated "Critical" and 118 deemed "Important" in severity.

CISA Warns that Windows SMB 3 Exploit Code Now Published

Functional proof-of-concept code for a Server Message Block 3.1.1 vulnerability in newer Windows systems has been published, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency warned on Friday.

Sync Issues Can Arise for PCs with Poor VPN Connections

Microsoft this week reminded IT pros that PC connections through virtual private networks can sometimes lead to time synchronization issues, possibly causing reduced functionality for end users.

Microsoft Simplifying VPN Configurations for Its Video Streaming Services

Microsoft this week announced that it is working on a more simplified way for an organization to leverage local end user Internet connections when accessing Microsoft Stream and Microsoft 365 Live Events video feeds.

Microsoft Previews MSIX App Attach for Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft this week indicated in an announcement that the MSIX App Attach capability in the Windows Virtual Desktop service can now be tried via a preview of the Windows 10 Enterprise Multisession operating system.

SharePoint Online Additions Include Multilingual Publishing and Home Sites Availability

Microsoft this week announced a few May updates for SharePoint Online tenancies.

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