Continuous Access Evaluation Now Commercially Available for Azure Active Directory Users

Microsoft on Monday announced that a continuous access evaluation (CAE) capability in the Azure Active Directory identity and access management service has reached the commercial-release ("general availability") stage.


CES 2022 Best Enterprise Hardware

Let's take a look at some of the hardware highlights that aim to increase your productivity, whether in the office or working from home.

Azure Virtual Desktop Service Gets Trusted Launch Protections

Microsoft on Friday announced Azure Virtual Desktop support for virtual machines with "Trusted Launch" protections.

Microsoft and Qualcomm Partner on Augmented Reality Chip

Microsoft and chip manufacturer Qualcomm are teaming up to bring the metaverse to more consumers and enterprises.

Microsoft Issues 'Out-of-Band' Remote Desktop Patches for Windows Server

Microsoft this week issued unscheduled ("out-of-band") patches for Remote Desktop issues affecting supported Windows Server products.

Microsoft Announces First Windows 11 Pluton Security Based Devices

New Windows 11 PCs, powered by Microsoft's Pluton security chip, will start releasing this year, Microsoft announced during this week's CES 2022 event.

Microsoft Warns Orgs May Already Be Compromised by Log4Shell Attacks

Microsoft updated its Dec. 11 Log4j vulnerability tools guidance on Monday, offering advice on detecting and addressing possible "Log4Shell" exploits.

FTC Threatens To Sue Companies over Log4j Data Breaches

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a warning on Tuesday that it intends to take legal action against companies that disclose customer information because they failed to address an exploited vulnerability in a Log4j software component.

Microsoft Issues Script for "Y2k22 Bug" in Exchange Server 2019 and Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft on Saturday offered a script to fix a so-called "Y2k22 bug" that caused e-mails to build up within Exchange Server 2019 and Exchange Server 2016 transport queues.

Top 10 In-Depth Articles of 2021

Take a look back at the best columns from our experts that broke down some of the bigger Microsoft stories and provided invaluable IT tips and advice.

Top 10 Microsoft IT Headlines of 2021: PrintNightmare Becomes a Reality

Even during a year where Microsoft dropped a new OS, security issues, highlighted by the "PrintNightmare" spooler vulnerability, dominated the conversation.

Top 10 IT Security Headlines of 2021: The Vulnerabilities We Spent Worrying About

Let's take a look back at our year of vulnerability exposures, reactionary patches and losing sleep over what security hole would emerge tomorrow.

Microsoft Sentinel Gets Log4j Exploit Detector Preview

Microsoft added a preview solution in Microsoft Sentinel that helps IT pros find signs of Log4j exploits, according to a Thursday announcement and Twitter post.

Windows Terminal Becoming Default Console in Windows 11

Microsoft indicated plans to make its open source Windows Terminal app the default command-line console in Windows 11, along with opening the operating system up to using other consoles by default.

Log4j Attack Methods Explained by CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike on Thursday presented advice for organizations attempting to address a security vulnerability in the Log4j Java logging framework used in Apache Web servers, currently undergoing widespread exploitation.

Widespread Log4j Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Could Affect Millions

Log4j, a widely used open-source Java logging library, has a critical-remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability that is currently being leveraged in malicious attacks.

Microsoft December Security Patches Arrive, but Log4j Takes Center Stage

Microsoft on Tuesday released security patches for 67 common vulnerabilities and exploits, even as organizations are scrambling to address a Log4j flaw in Apache servers that's under active exploit.

CrowdStrike Suggests 63 Percent of Orgs Losing Trust in 'Legacy' Software Providers Like Microsoft

A CrowdStrike survey, announced last week, depicted organizations struggling with security issues, and losing trust in "legacy" software vendors such as Microsoft.

Microsoft Releases New Cloud Tool for Orgs Stuck on Internet Explorer

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a new tool for IT pros that lets organizations keep using Internet Explorer (IE) technologies for their Web sites and Web apps via the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Releases Defender for Business Preview, Unveils Defender for Containers Product

More Microsoft Defender product news arrived this week, including the availability of a Microsoft Defender for Business preview, plus the introduction a newly formed product called "Microsoft Defender for Containers."

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