Microsoft Announces New AI PCs at Pre-Build Event

Microsoft on Monday announced a new line of PCs from both itself and third parties that will be designed for AI and will be running the latest OpenAI GPT-4o model.

Microsoft To Require Multifactor Authentication for Azure Users

Microsoft last week announced that, starting in July, all users of Azure services will be required to set up and use multifactor authentication (MFA) when logging in.

Microsoft Readies Fall Release for System Center 2025

Microsoft this week announced that System Center 2025, the newest version of its long-term servicing channel, will be generally available in the fall of 2024.

2 Zero-Day Flaw Highlights Small Microsoft May Patch

After April's larger-than-usual security update, Microsoft has pumped the brakes for May, issuing a slimmed-down 59 CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures).

OpenAI Demonstrates Next Evolution of ChatGPT

OpenAI on Monday announced a new iteration of its flagship GPT-4 large multimodal language model.

Microsoft's Next Big AI Investment: France

Microsoft is continuing its global AI and cloud investment trend, this time with a 4 billion euro injection in France.

Microsoft Constructing $3.3 Billion AI Datacenter in Wisconsin

Microsoft and the Biden administration announced on Wednesday that the company is investing more than $3 billion in a new AI and cloud datacenter in southeast Wisconsin.

Exchange Server Subscription Edition Coming Next Year

Microsoft provided a brief update on Tuesday of its Exchange Server roadmap, including the news that Exchange Server Subscription Edition (SE) will be arriving in the third quarter of 2025.

Biden Administration Releases Global Cybersecurity Initiative

The U.S. Department of State has released a comprehensive cybersecurity framework aimed at international cooperation when targeting cybercriminals and strengthening defenses.

Microsoft Purview Enhanced with AI Security and Compliance Hooks

Microsoft Purview, the company's data governance solution, is receiving a handful of upgrades to help enterprises securely manage their growing AI-related data.

Hardening Gen AI Application Security with Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Among the avalanche of security announcements this week, Microsoft has kicked off the first day of RSAC 2024 by unveiling new capabilities to protect Gen AI applications in the enterprise with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Microsoft Bringing Zero Trust to DNS Security

Microsoft has announced that Zero Trust DNS (ZTDNS), which aims to restrict device access to untrusted domains in Windows, is currently in private preview.

Microsoft Aims To Rehabilitate its Security Image

Microsoft is taking proactive approaches to rehabilitate its somewhat tarnished security record, promising to "do more" to make security a top priority.

Copilot Preview in Planner App for Teams Released

Microsoft has begun rolling out in preview its new feature, Copilot in Planner for Teams users.

Microsoft Investing $1.7 Billion in Indonesia Cloud and AI Efforts

Continuing its aggressive global investment push in both AI and cloud infrastructure, Microsoft on Tuesday announced it is making a $1.7 billion investment in Indonesia.

Microsoft Releases OneDrive Offline Mode

Microsoft has begun rolling out new capabilities of OneDrive for Web, including an offline mode designed to offer access and improved performance whether users are connected to the Internet or not.

Multi-Tenant Organization Hooks Released for Microsoft 365

Microsoft Entra ID's new multi-tenant organization capabilities have reached general availability (GA).

Microsoft Launches Small AI Models Family Phi-3

Recognizing that bigger isn't always better, Microsoft has released its smallest open AI models to date, Phi-3.

Microsoft and OpenAI Continue Global AI Expansions

Microsoft and OpenAI each continued their global expansion this month, with the announcements of new infrastructure investments and service rollouts in new regions, like Asia and the Middle East.

Cisco Warns of Brute Force Attacks Targeting VPNs and Firewalls

Cisco has revealed that a global increase in brute force attacks targeting Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and other devices is currently taking place.

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