Mr. Roboto

Event by Event

Strapped for cash? Forget expensive server management tools -- here's a real-time event log monitor for the smaller shops.

Old and In the Way

Tired of wading through old folders in your file servers? Check out this script.

Peek in on Your Processes

Get to know the ins and outs of your system's processes with ProcPeek.

No Shoes, No Script, No Service

Never miss another e-mail notification again.

More Power for PowerShell

Need a boost in PowerShell amps? Take Power Gadgets out for a spin.

Stay on Schedule

Need to keep track of all your network's scheduled tasks? Here's just the tool to do it.

Instant Log-On Scripts

Generating VBScipt log-on scripts -- without all the the VBS.

To Serve and To Report

EventReporter can help make event log management...manageable.

Members Only

Skip the Group Policy administration -- here's a free and simple way to set a unique policy for multiple computers.

Password Please?

The PWDMan tool can help make changing the password settings on multiple systems a breeze.

Shut Down, Redux

The Specops Gpupdate tool eases the task of remotely shutting down and restarting whole groups of machines.

Got the Time?

Reader Tim FitzPatrick sends in a great scripting tip for managing time across time zones.

Intelligent Transfer

Lift the load of downloads using Window's Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2.0.

Get Your Shell On

Automate admin tasks easier with the new Windows PowerShell.

Shut Down, Already

Use this script to shut down or reboot a group of computers.