Mr. Roboto

PowerShell Pro Forma

Microsoft doesn't offer any sort of PowerShell forms editor -- but Sapien Technologies does.

Bionic Scheduled Task Reporting

Mr. Roboto revamps a previous script to help a user retrieve and save scheduled task information from multiple computers -- all using PowerShell.

In the Mail

Want to send an e-mail from the command line? Give Blat a try.

Sweep Your Problems Away

Want to get rid of your collection of spreadsheets and other inventorying hassles? Lansweeper might be the tool for you.

Domain Password Report

Here's an AD administration script that takes advantage of PowerShell.


Here are a few common-sense tips for making life behind the IT desk a little better.

At Your Self-Service

Directory Update puts users in charge of their own Active Directory administration.

Showstopper: Round Two

These routines take last month's tool a few steps further.


It's Windows PowerShell to the rescue, as Mr. Roboto looks for a way to see what services need restarting.

Drilling for Files

This free utility can handle most of your file-management jobs.

Dive Deep with SubInACL

Need to change a security permission? Mr. Roboto has the command-line tool you'll need.

Get Answers to Your Storage Questions

Need help managing your file server storage? Check out Mr. Roboto's PowerShell functions.

Command Performance

This month, more fun with group membership with Mr. Roboto's Group Reporter HTA.

Membership Has Its Privileges

It's getting harder and harder to track who belongs to what group. Mr. Roboto's Group Auditor can help make membership management easier.

Power Up Your GPO Management

With the release of PowerShell, you now have a few more options when it comes to Group Policy. Here are two of them.