XML Database Server Up for Common Criteria Certification

Mark Logic Corp. has submitted its Extensible Markup Language (XML) database server for Common Criteria certification.

Microsoft Issues Initial Protocol Documentation

Microsoft today released information on protocols used in some of its software products.

Microsoft, Symantec Rethink Security Approach

If the traditional notion of infrastructure-based perimeter security is not yet dead, it's not for lack of effort by keynote speakers at this week's RSA Security conference.

Microsoft's Bid Goes Hostile, but Yahoo Stands Firm

Yahoo's board of directors got a letter from Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer over the weekend about Yahoo's slow response to Microsoft's proposed takeover bid.

Microsoft Faces Skeptics at Open Source Conference

Nearly a year and a half after striking their improbable alliance to provide better interoperability between open source and Windows-based platforms, Microsoft and Novell told developers this week that the pact has yielded technical benefits but there's still work to be completed, particularly on the interoperability between the two companies' enterprise directory platforms.

OOXML Approved, but Battle With ODF Begins

Microsoft's Office Open XML document format was accepted as an international standard, according to an announcement issued today by the International Organization for Standardization.

Leaks Suggest OOXML Approved as ISO/IEC Standard

Apparently, it's not a joke on this April Fools day that Microsoft's Office Open XML document format was approved as an international standard.

Forget Yahoo! Buy Mac

Yahoo doesn't have anything Microsoft doesn't already have. Apple, on the other hand...

ISO Plans To Announce OOXML Decision This Week

The International Organization for Standardization plans to announce vote results on the decision to ratify or reject Microsoft's Office Open XML document format on Wednesday, April 2, 2008.

Microsoft Joins MIT Kerberos Consortium

The Kerberos Consortium on Monday added Microsoft to the ranks of its industry supporters.

Yahoo Backs OpenSocial; New Foundation Formed

Yahoo announced Tuesday that it's joined forces with Google and MySpace to back OpenSocial, a group that aims to define a common API to allow social applications across multiple sites.

Microsoft Steers OOXML Into Apache POI Project

Microsoft yesterday disclosed some collaborative efforts that will help Java applications read Microsoft Office file formats.

Microsoft Takes First Steps Toward Eclipse Support

Microsoft has added another nickel to its open source credibility bank this morning with the announcement of its first collaboration with the Eclipse Foundation.

Microsoft and Aspect Team on Unified Communications

Microsoft and Aspect Software Inc. today initiated a global strategic alliance focused on better enhancing communications between contact centers and the broader enterprise.

U.S. Votes for Modified OOXML Standards

The United States has voted for approval of a modified version of the Office Open XML (OOXML) standard for business documents.

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