RSA: Microsoft Releases U-Prove CTP

Microsoft on Tuesday released a community technology preview (CTP) of its U-Prove cryptographic technology.

Building Massively Scalable Grids

When done right, Enterprise Data Grids offer utility-style computing and easy expansion.

Windows Server Propels x86 System Rebound

Despite a depressed market for servers, Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 R2 appears to have propelled a rebound in volume x86-based systems

Microsoft and HP: A Marriage of Convenience?

Threatened by newly emboldened Oracle, VMware, IBM and others, HP and Microsoft team to tie app, data center and cloud infrastructures.

Windows 7 'Battery Failure' Bug Under Investigation

Microsoft is responding to complaints from some Windows 7 users about a message that suggests impending battery failure when using a laptop.

Spyrus To Offer 'Secure' Portable Windows OS

Spyrus Inc. plans to release a portable USB device marketed as "secure Windows on a stick."

Windows on a Stick

Plus: Google phases out IE 6 support; Azure shines spotlight on cloud computing security.

Microsoft's Future: Crystal Clear

Here are seven powerful predictions for Microsoft's future.

PC Makers Prepare To Challenge iPad

It remains to be seen whether the slate-based iPad will help or hurt the prospects of PC-based alternatives with a similar form factor.

Oracle-Sun Road Map Will Focus on Bundles

Oracle plans to invest heavily in developing and selling hardware bundled with applications and database software.

Apple Launches iPad Mobile Tablet

As anticipated, Apple formally unveiled its new $499 mobile device, the iPad, on Wednesday, heralding the company's first serious move into the category of e-book readers.

Microsoft Unveils Office 2010 System Requirements

Microsoft described the hardware requirements for Office 2010 late last week.

Oracle-Sun Deal Gets Green Light

The European Commission today cleared Oracle's $7.4 billion agreement to acquire Sun Microsystems, paving the way for the two companies to close the deal.

Ballmer Highlights Two Screens at CES Talk

Ballmer's talk at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show consisted primarily of incremental announcements and positioning statements, but there were no major surprises.

Hardcopy Peripherals Market Slips in Q3, But Gains Sequentially

In its quarterly tracker of hardcopy peripherals, IDC trumpeted the sector's 11.6 percent sequential growth in shipments for Q3 compared to Q2 as good news.

Unix Server Sales Tumble

According to the latest tallies from Gartner and IDC, the Unix market continues to contract dramatically.

5 Steps to a More Secure Datacenter

In the age of virtualization and cloud computing, administrators need a holistic approach.

2010 a Boom Year for Cloud Computing?

If recent market research is any indication, computing in the clouds could achieve a breakthrough of sorts in 2010.

Intel Unveils 48-Core 'Cloud Computer' Chip

Intel pushed the outer limits of computing by unveiling a new experimental processor it described as a "single-chip cloud computer."

Windows Phones To Arrive in Coming Months

Microsoft is planning to rev up the mobility market under its "Windows phone" brand.

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