Foley on Microsoft

What Is Microsoft's Next Billion-Dollar Business?

Whether you're in the camp that believes that Microsoft is too dependent on its cash cows or the one that thinks that Microsoft is spreading itself too thin, it's worth considering which product will be the next billion-dollar baby in Redmond.

Bill Gates Is Gone, and He's Not Coming Back

Even if Steve Ballmer is going to be replaced (doubtful), it won't be by Bill.

How Microsoft Is Busting Its Own 'The Browser Is Part of the OS' Myth

For years, Microsoft has insisted that the browser is an integral part of the operating system, yet the company's current strategies with IE 6 and IE 9 make that argument an absurdity.

Software vs. Services

Microsoftis driving its customers toward online services, but do its customers really want to ride along?

Windows Phone 7: A Good Bet?

Microsoft is taking a lot of risks with its forthcoming Windows Phone 7 platform.

Is Microsoft Patrolling Patents Again?

It's been almost three years since Microsoft threw down the gauntlet by claiming that open source and Linux software infringed on 235 of the company's patents.

WPF vs. Silverlight

It's looking more and more like there's a battle between the Windows Presentation Foundation team and the Silverlight team -- and Silverlight is winning.

Don't Write Windows' Eulogy Yet

It took years to build the Windows empire, and Microsoft won't stand idly by watching it be dismantled.

Bing vs. Googliath?

Microsoft has given up trying to out-Google Google and is trying instead to carve out a new search niche.

Is Microsoft Too Old for Web 2.0?

As Microsoft gets older, can the company continue to create products that younger users want to buy?

Microsoft's S+S Strategy Grows Up

"Three screens and the cloud" is the updated take on Microsoft's Software plus Services strategy.

Five Microsoft Products to Watch

It might surprise you to know which Microsoft products are poised to make a big splash in 2010.

Microsoft's Obsession with Apple

If left unchecked, Microsoft's Apple fixation could be the company's undoing.

Product Launch Tidal Wave

Microsoft's ambitious product-launch schedule requires a delicate juggling act.

A Gates-less Microsoft

The house that Gates built? More like a house divided.

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