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The Challenges of Securing All Those Newly Remote Workers

Security expert Dale Meredith identifies cybersecurity challenges, best practices and major concerns resulting from all the employees forced into home offices by COVID-19.

Work in the Time of Coronavirus: Top Tips and Tools for Remote Work

New to working remotely? Here are pointers for setting up your new workspace for teleconferencing, managing your time when your office is also your home, and how not to be a VPN hog.


How To Prepare IT for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Can your organization support remote work for all employees? How can you insulate your projects against supply chain delays? Joey walks you through all the bases your IT team needs to cover during the coronavirus pandemic.

CES 2020 Recap: 8 of the Most Eye-Catching Windows Devices

Microsoft's hardware partners outdid themselves at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, bending (sometimes literally) the rules of the traditional Windows PC as we know it. Here are some of the standouts.

Azure Arc: A Deeper Look at Microsoft's Multicloud Play

Arguably one of Microsoft's biggest announcements this year was the introduction of Azure Arc at Ignite. But is this really a game-changer or is Microsoft just falling for the multicloud buzz?

Ignite 2019 Keynote Recap: Nadella Unveils Azure Arc, Azure Synapse and More Cloud Developments

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella described the new boundaries Microsoft is breaking in its Azure cloud.

The Data Breach Game: The 9 Worst IT Security Practices

How many of these data security offenses is your organization guilty of, and how can you correct them? Play the Data Breach Game and find out.

How Organizations Can Adapt to SharePoint's 'Modern' Shift

In a September interview, SharePoint expert Asif Rehmani described how users, developers and organizations are dealing with SharePoint Online's so-called "modern" innovations.

Q&A with Denny Cherry: Top Things You Should NEVER Do in SQL Server (and Other Tips)

SQL Server guru Denny Cherry uses "horrible" stories about SQL Server disasters in a positive way: to teach others what not to do -- and what to do in case they do things they shouldn't have done.

Containers 102: Kubernetes and the Basics of Container Orchestration

To know containers is to know Kubernetes, the gold standard for container orchestration and deployment. Here's an explainer for how Kubernetes works and what makes it tick.

Container Stack

Containers 101: Containers vs. Virtual Machines (And Why Containers Are the Future of IT Infrastructure)

What exactly is a container and what makes it different -- and in some cases better -- than a virtual machine? To answer this question, Joey explains why we ever needed containers in the first place.

Azure SQL Database Edge: How Microsoft Is Giving Edge Devices a Data Boost

Microsoft introduced a new service into its "intelligent edge" portfolio at the recent Build conference. Here's how Azure SQL Database Edge will fit into the company's broader vision for a more connected world.

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Nerdio Explains Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop Service

The Microsoft partner's CEO talks about the technology, cost factors and requirements for using Microsoft's new virtual desktop infrastructure service.

CES 2019: Windows PCs Evolve for Modern Users

Microsoft's PC partners are increasingly focused on polishing existing features to target freelancers, remote workers and creatives.

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Microsoft Explains Windows 10 Version 1809 Servicing for IT Pros

IT pros got an earful about Windows 10 servicing, plus lots of talk about Windows Autopilot, in a recent Microsoft Web presentation.

What Are the Upgrade Options for SharePoint Server Users?

Expert and consultant Vlad Catrinescu offers some thoughts for organizations contemplating impending SharePoint Server moves.

Denny Cherry's Top Tips for Indexing SQL Server Tables

A SQL Server expert gives his take on the absolute, No. 1, very worst thing IT pros can do when it comes to indexing.

SQL Server 2019's Big Data Clusters Explained

The biggest feature in the SQL Server 2019 preview launched at Ignite is SQL Server Big Data clusters. Travis Wright, Microsoft's principal program manager for SQL Server, explains exactly what this means for administrators.

Don Jones on Everything You're Doing Wrong in PowerShell

Thinking scripts instead of functions is just one of the many ways you're missing out on the true power of PowerShell.

Analysts Upbeat on Microsoft's Latest Windows and Office Servicing Changes

Microsoft's new plans to extend Office ProPlus and Windows 10 servicing, announced earlier this week, got largely positive mentions by some analysts.