CompTIA Updating Server+

Slated for later this year, updates don't affect MCP candidate plans.

Desktop Apps Exam Now Live

Exam for testing help desk support skills now available; MCDST also now officially live.

Free Thinker

Is it time to set your own code of ethics?

Don't Forget the Consumer

Longhorn and DRM offer a lot to digital rights holders and businesses, but what's in it for consumers, the ostensible target for the next version of the operating system?

A 70-291 Self Assessment Manual

How well do you know Windows 2003? Enough to pass the 70-291 exam? Assess your knowledge with this book from Sybex.

70-291 Help in Excruciating Detail

Syngress' companion book/DVD is aimed at novices and experienced Windows 2003 pros who've set their sights on passing this core MCSA/MCSE exam.

First MCDST Exam Released

Exam 70-271 made its debut Monday; 70-272 follows next month.

Messaging Exam Beta Set for Mid-January

Microsoft to release 70-285, Exchange Messaging exam for Jan. 16-22.

Microsoft Partners with Citrix on CCIA

Six Microsoft exams figure into the requirements for Citrix's vaunted, revamped CCIA title.

Take Control of Your Career

It’s time to try some new tricks that will help you stand out from the crowd.

If Cars Were Like Windows…

New frontiers for certification

Grab the Throttle!

Taking control of your environment in 2004

Exam for SBS 2003 Goes Live

Exam 70-282, aimed at Small Business Server implementers, now available.

Designing Security Exam Now Available

MCSE: Security specialization exam 70-298 to be released December 15.

The Value of the New Desktop Cert

MCDST: Another valuable way to validate your skills for a job, or more meaningless certification alphabet soup from Microsoft?

Beta Testing for Enterprise Project Management Exam Next Week

Project management-based exam from Microsoft beta testing from Dec. 8 to Jan. 2, 2004.


Your company is not keen on you honing your IT skills on its WAN for good reason. Building a lab is the next best thing. Here's how.

Unifying the Storm

Could WinFS be the salvation?

Office 365 Watch

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