GitHub Copilot Enterprise Released

Microsoft's GitHub Copilot Enterprise is now generally available, per an announcement on the GitHub blog.

GitHub is asking for an extra $20 per user per month over its $19 Business plan to provide the same functionality, along with the AI-powered code completion and assistance tool and enterprise-grade security, safety and privacy.

GitHub Copilot Plan Comparison (published in November 2023)
[Click on image for larger view.] GitHub Copilot Plan Comparison (published in November 2023) (source: GitHub).
Today's Features List
[Click on image for larger view.] Today's Features List (source: GitHub).

Key to the offering are customization capabilities and integration with an organization's unique codebase, knowledge, best practices and so on.

For example, by integrating with, developers can get personalized suggestions based on their team's codebase, while the tool can be customized to follow an organization's coding standards, policies and so on.

What's more, the tool can go beyond organizational boundaries and knowledge bases to bring in internet information as well, thanks to new (beta) integration of Bing search directly into Copilot Chat, the company's hot new tool that uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) to understand human speech and provide code suggestions in real time. In fact, in the Visual Studio Code editor, developers can use new accessibility functionality to interact with Copilot Chat and even kick of a session just by saying, "Hey code." GitHub has said advanced chat functionality heralds a new era where human speech is the universal programming language.

GitHub Copilot Plans
[Click on image for larger view.] GitHub Copilot Plans (source: GitHub).

As shown in the screenshot above, another feature not in the Business plan is the ability to automatically generate summaries of pull requests.

"Copilot Enterprise streamlines code navigation and comprehension for developers, enabling faster feature implementation, issue resolution, and code modernization," GitHub said today (Feb. 27) in a blog post. "It empowers junior developers to contribute quicker, assists senior developers in handling live incidents, and aids in modernizing aging codebases by offering clear code summaries, relevant suggestions, and quick answers to queries about code behavior."

Further customization capabilities include the ability to create custom models to better understand an organization's codebase. Enterprises can also train Copilot on their private codebases to provide more relevant suggestions, though the tool won't use any private repositories or prompts and suggestions to train its underlying machine learning models unless expressly directed to do so.

More information, including directions to get started with tool -- available for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code -- can be found in the company's About GitHub Copilot Enterprise documentation.

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