Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure Now Available in the  Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Red Hat today announced the availability of its Ansible Automation Platform on Azure in Microsoft's Azure Marketplace

The platform, which is a managed application integrated with Azure services and the full Ansible collection for Microsoft, was co-developed by the two companies. It's now available directly through the the marketplace in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Singapore, and Australia.

IBM subsidiary Red Hat is one of the world’s leading providers of open-source solutions. Its Ansible Automation Platform is cloud-native and based on a widely used open-source automation and orchestration solution that was designed to enable enterprises to securely operate and manage automation at the scale. It supports the automation of such processes as provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment.

Making the platform available in the Azure Marketplace "further simplifies how customers can automate across hybrid cloud footprints, their datacenters, the Azure public cloud, and the edge," Red Hat said in a statement.

Microsoft sees its ongoing collaboration with Red Hat as a means of providing its customers with more choice and agility in their cloud deployments. "As customers increasingly adopt hybrid and multi-cloud environments," Omar Khan, GM of Microsoft's Azure Infrastructure Group, said in a statement, "offerings like Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure and instant-on availability in the Azure Marketplace make it easier than ever for customers to automate their cloud deployments."

For Red Hat, it's about providing another way to engage with its customers. "As organizations increasingly pursue hybrid or multi-cloud strategies and expand cloud infrastructure, CIOs and IT decision-makers seek greater flexibility in purchasing and deploying chosen technology solutions," Thomas Anderson, vice president of the Ansible Group at Red Hat, said in a statement. "Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure helps customers maximize new and existing Red Hat subscriptions, whether on-premises or on the Azure cloud, accelerating the adoption and value of automation everywhere."

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