Microsoft Goes Live with PowerShell Module Browser Site

The Microsoft Docs team announced earlier this month that Microsoft has turned on "PowerShell Module Browser," a Web search page for finding PowerShell scripts and information.

The site, available at the Microsoft Docs page here, can be used to find specific cmdlets or modules. A search will provide users with a description and parameters for a script, as well as the script itself, which can be copied. The search portal is organized such that users can select a specific PowerShell package to search within, or they can conduct a search across "all packages."

The search process isn't wholly intuitive. For instance, if you want to search for the Azure PowerShell Machine Learning module, then typing "Azure" gives you a list of modules to scroll though, and the actual module, which is called "AzureRM.Machine," can be found in that way. However, just typing "Azure PowerShell Machine Learning" in the search box will produce "No results."

The site may help users more quickly locate cmdlets. It may also be helpful in figuring out "whether a specific module is part of the PowerShell package that you just installed," Microsoft's announcement suggested.

The new site seems to be supplemental to the "Module Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE" that was introduced back in 2015. The Module Browser for PowerShell ISE is a graphical user interface for finding PowerShell community-built modules. It's a more user friendly alternative to searching the PowerShell Gallery for modules via the PowerShellGet cmdlet, according to a Microsoft blog post description.

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