Patch-Free Tuesday

I wish that this could be a new tradition -- Patch-Free Tuesday.

That's right, patchers: Tomorrow you can take the day off as there are no patches on Patch Tuesday!

While that sounds great, the news is not 100 percent good. There is still an unresolved Word zero-day exploit that Microsoft is working on.

What are you going to do with your Patch-Free Tuesday? Let us know at [email protected].

Here's Why FoxPro Lives!
Reader responses to this newsletter are truly incredible, and they're the No. 1 reason I write the darn thing four times a week.

For instance, when one of you had trouble with Exchange and the BlackBerry, dozens of faithful readers wrote in to help. Thanks!

And when I wrote a few paltry sentences in praise of FoxPro, eight readers from Russia, France, Canada and the good, old USA posted comments to thank me (I even got an invite to the Bashkir Republic out of the deal).

Check out the FoxPro comments here.

A New Way Around UAC
If any one feature has caused Vista controversy, it's User Access Control. It's even the butt of the latest round of Apple ads. Basically, Vista asks for permission before you can do just about anything. Disable it, and all that malware comes diving on in.

BeyondTrust, a new company formed by former DesktopStandard chief John Moyer, has an answer. Privilege Manager 3.0 lets IT fine-tune application privileges. Essentially, users operate with least privileges, but if more rights are needed to run a certain app or do certain things, this can be set up by IT. There's a lot more to it than that, so if you want to know more, wander over here.

How secure have you found Vista? Tell me at [email protected].

Doug's Mailbag: Why Google, More
MSN is still no match for Google in search numbers. What's the appeal? Here's what one reader thinks:

It is the same in Australia. I use Google as my main search tool because I don't care about the extraneous information provided by NineMSN or Yahoo as they are both too closely aligned to media organisations. Even though I have cable broadband, a search is a search and the quicker you can start, the better. If I want a TV guide, then I would choose NineMSN.

And a few weeks ago, we asked you for your early impressions of Vista. Rich adds his thoughts to one of those responses:

The other day you published a letter from someone named Richard, who said that "with the exception of Millennium, Vista will probably be the worst-performing OS." He forgot about DOS 4.0.

Let me know what you think! Comment below or send me an e-mail at [email protected].

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