Windows Advantage Lawsuits Are Genuine

Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), the online system that makes sure your copy of Windows ain't stolen, is the subject of two lawsuits claiming the tool is an invasion of privacy. The system is tied to automatic security updates, and thus not all users know their machines are being checked. The lawsuits actually claim WGA is spyware. It can't be -- my beta of Windows Defender hasn't blocked it!

Barracuda Bit by Security Flaw
The Barracuda spam firewall has a flaw that could let a hacker take over the firewall itself, and then use the privileges gained to control attached computers. So far, the company hasn't released a patch, but hopefully there will be one soon.

New Wireless Hacks
Black Hatters showed a new rootkit that can invade a Mac (or PC) via its wireless card and root around the machine even when it's not connected to the 'Net -- all it needs is for the wireless card to be active. The rootkit can control files, modify, delete, create and read them. Wow, it does everything Windows does!

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Mac Attack: the Second Wave
Apple's move to the Intel processor family is now complete as the company this week announced a new line of dual-core desktops. These machines are top shelf, replacing the sturdy G5 line, and starting at $2,500. That may seem like a lot, but to get a PC to run high-end graphics like these puppies do would cost almost as much.

Bigger news is the sneak preview of Leopard, the next Mac OS due in the spring. Leopard has Boot Camp built right in (not beta this time). I'm sure my boys will be begging for new Macs come this spring. Sorry fellas, Dad gets his first!

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