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Late last week Microsoft promoted loyal long-timer Bob Muglia to vice president of servers and tools, working for the soon-to-be-retired Jim Allchin. Muglia replaces Eric Rudder who now works directly for Bill. Some pundits have tapped Rudder as the next Gates, as in the next Chief Software Architect, while others think that honor may ultimately go to Ray Ozzie.

Learn what Muglia is thinking here.

Exchange 5.5 Finally Nearly Dead
It’s been coming for years. We’ve all know Exchange 5.5 was on borrowed time. And now the day of its demise in at hand: By the end of this year, support for the old Exchange will cease to exist. Many see a doomsday scenario for those who don’t upgrade, but if the software has been working for eight years, why would it stop now?

Are you still on 5.5? If so, what are your plans? Tell me at [email protected].

Works 2006 = Word 2002
I caught wind of this one trolling, a site produced by Redmond columnist and veteran Microsoft journalist and pundit Mary Jo Foley. Foley found it funny that the newest low-end productivity suite, Works 2006, has parted with its old word processor in favor of Word 2002. When it comes to Word, I believe older is always better, and in fact, wouldn’t mind going back to Word 2002 myself -- if only it could read the newer file formats.

Gates Trivia
Here’s another treat I first found at a short list of Bill Gates facts. I was kind of hoping it was a quiz, but you can turn it around and ask your friends.

Kill for an Xbox
Some time ago I wrote about some low-life scumbags in New York who killed a 15-year-old because they wanted his iPod. Now there is an even more repulsive story out of Daytona Beach. Six people were beaten to death -- all to get back an Xbox. Wonder how many these losers would have killed for an Xbox 360?

Office 12 Loves PDF, but Not as Much as XPS
There was a lot of fanfare when Microsoft revealed that Office 12 would natively support Adobe PDF. Some folks thought this was a big deal since Microsoft is pushing its PDF killer, XPS. Now comes word that Office 12 will also support XPS. Guess which one will get top billing?

There are also a couple of Microsoft blogs with more details:

$6 Billion Worth of Research Pays
The cover story of the October issue of Redmond by editor Keith Ward focused on how Microsoft Research, with an annual budget of $6 billion, influences commercial products. Now Microsoft is thanking its research group for help building SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005, particularly in data mining, visualization and indexing.

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SQL Server's Secret Sauce?
SQL Server 2005 is getting rave reviews, in part because Microsoft has integrated it with everything from Office applications to Visual Studio and the .NET Common Language Runtime. What's your take? Do you think the tight Microsoft tie-ins will help you develop rich database applications and produce more compelling analysis and reports? Or do you fear that amped-up integration could limit your options -- for example, with third-party products -- going forward?

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