Legato Certifies Networker for Datacenter

Storage and availability heavyweight Legato Systems got its Networker software certified for the Windows 2000 Datacenter Server platform in another sign of the importance of storage management and availability software for customers of Microsoft's high-end operating system.

The decision to pursue the Windows 2000 Datacenter Server certification, administered for Microsoft by the independent Veritest labs, leads to considerable effort and expense. The certification process includes 48-hour stress tests, demonstrations of clustering support and the ability to run on 32-processor Unisys servers in high memory. In more than a year of testing, only 36 applications from 22 vendors have passed.

"One of our primary goals is to provide our customers with the confidence that comes from purchasing certified product," George Symons, vice president of product management and development for Legato, said in a statement Tuesday.

By certifying Networker for Datacenter Server, Legato joins several other storage and availability specialists who have obtained the certification for their software, including Veritas, EMC, Computer Associates, NSI Software, CommVault and FalconStor.

The central importance of storage to the Datacenter platform, which Microsoft markets as much for its availability as for its scalability, shows up in the fact that a third of the applications and nearly a third of the companies to achieve certification so far deal with storage management, disaster recovery or availability.

While Legato is new to the list of vendors with applications certified for Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, the storage and availability vendor is not new to the Windows 2000 certification program. Legato was among the earliest vendors to gain certification on Microsoft's lower-end server OS platforms. Legato Octopus has been certified for use with Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Windows 2000 Server since November 2000, and Legato Automated Availability Manager, also known as Legato Cluster Enterprise, has been certified for Windows 2000 Server since September 2000.

Legato Networker is also certified for Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

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