Vista Adoption Weakens, as IT Pros Eye Apple

Survey on Vista adoption represents more bad news for Microsoft, even as company prepares to pour an estimated $300 million into Vista marketing.

The Gold-Laying UC Egg

The UC market grew by 20 percent in both 2007 and 2006, according to market-watcher Infonetics Research.

Power Pack 1 Unveiled for Windows Home Server

Update adds product support plus a fix for an infamous bug that has plagued Microsoft's consumer server offering since December.

Research in Motion Issues Fix for BlackBerry PDF Bug

Maker of popular BlackBerry handset issued a patch to plug a vulnerability in its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) solution.

New Prefetching Scheme Saves Computing Time, Energy

Most desktop computers today, when not in use, power down their hard drives to save energy. While this may be very green, it also incurs minor, though sometimes frustrating, delays.

Intel 'Holding Back' USB 3.0 Spec, Says Nvidia

An Nvidia representative today confirmed the view that Intel is delaying release of the Universal Serial Bus 3.0 specification to chipmakers.

Swedes Deploy Dual-Boot 'Green' Supercomputer With IBM, Intel Chips

The High Performance Computing Center North (HPC2N), a Swedish consortium of universities and research centers based out of Umea University, is installing a supercomputer that combines IBM Cell Broadband Engines and Power processors with quad-core Intel Xeon processors running both Windows and Linux in a dual-boot configuration.

Intel Denies Holding Back USB 3.0

Rumors that Intel is not releasing Universal Serial Bus 3.0 specification to its technology partners in a timely manner have prompted a rebuttal.

IBM Computer Achieves Petaflop Performance

A National Nuclear Security Administration supercomputer has achieved an operational rate of 1 petaflop making the Roadrunner the world's fastest computer, the agency announced today.

One Laptop Per Child Will Sport XP

Microsoft and One Laptop per Child announced an agreement Thursday to put Windows XP Professional on OLPC XO laptops in emerging markets along with Linux.

Ex-Microsoft Employee Takes Lead on XP SP3 Reboot Problem, Offers Free Fix

A former Microsoft employee appears to be coming to the rescue of those suffering from the XP SP3 endless reboot cycle that can happen on computers with AMD processors

Windows Home Server Backup Problem Fixed

A bug that caused problems when backing up files in Windows Home Server has been fixed, according to an announcement issued by Microsoft on Wednesday.

Citrix, Dell Partner on Virtualization

Deepening its existing partner relationship with Dell as a new competitive dynamic and pricing model unfolds, Citrix has announced the availability of a Dell-specific embedded version of XenServer for Dell PowerEdge servers.

The Multi-Core Muddle

PCs are moving to multi-core as operating systems, applications and languages struggle to keep up.

Partners, Pick up the Phone -- Customers Are Standing By

The Response Point phone system takes center stage at Microsoft's annual online-only event for entrepreneurs.

Intel Aims Modular Server at SMB Space

Offering includes diskless servers, Ethernet switches and a SAN-all in one box.

Vista SP1 Expands Language Support, but Hits USB Snag

As of yesterday, Vista Service Pack 1 is now generally available in all 36 supported languages.

CIOs See Declining IT Budgets in Q1

About a fourth of CIOs in the United States reported decreases in their budgets in the first quarter of this year, according to a survey released by Gartner this month.

Microsoft Releases Robotics Developer Studio 2008 CTP

Microsoft today released the first community technology preview (CTP) of Robotics Developer Studio 2008 at the RoboBusiness conference in Pittsburgh.

Windows XP Licensing Extended for Low-Cost PCs

Microsoft yesterday provided new details about the life of its popular Windows XP operating system.

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