The Critical Role of Email Risk Scoring in Fraud Prevention

Email address: the global passport to detect and deter fraud.

Fraud leaders are pulled between two tensions: preventing fraud and supporting friction-less transaction experiences demanded by consumers. To achieve both, organizations need dynamic, global tools that evolve as fast as fraud tactics. This whitepaper provides background on why the dynamic tool you need at the center of your fraud prevention strategy is staring right @ you: the email address.

The email address is the global common denominator for doing business online. Whether it’s a new bank account, credit card application, social media account or any type of purchase, a valid email address is part of the process. Did you know 91% of email users have had the same email address for at least three years, and 51% of email users have the same email address for over 10? According to Statista, email usage is predicted to continue growing by 2 to 3% each year from 2018 to 2023.

These trends represent why email is the logical front-end fraud prevention layer. Every time an email address is used, it leaves a trace. Over time, those traces unveil patterns of behavior. This story can be examined to assess the risk present in every transaction and help fraud teams confidently approve more transactions, reduce customer friction and boost your bottom line.

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