Business Continuity


The day that NASA sends up an astronaut to the International Space Station to manage its servers may be near, but for now, the space agency relies on uninterrupted service management via redundancy to handle its computing needs in the emptiness of space.

So, what does this have to do with Rainfinity? Technology jointly developed by California Institute of Technology and the NASA space program has found its way into more practical yet mission-critical applications down here on earth, manifested in Rainfinity’s non-stop access solutions: RainStorage, RainConnect, and RainWall.

In this Webcast, listen to what Jack Norris, vice president of marketing, has to say about the pressing trend towards business continuity, disaster recovery and network redundancy. Jack Norris is vice president of marketing for Rainfinity. His 15 years in the high-tech industry includes stints at RoamingCloud, a peer-to-peer wireless company, and Brio Technology, a collaboration software company.

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