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300 Days to the Windows 7 Deadline

One of the biggest deadlines in the history of IT will be only 300 days away later this week.

We're talking about the deadline for extended support for Windows 7. Once Jan. 14, 2020 arrives, Microsoft will stop sending out free security updates for the operating system, and other types of support will also be shut down.

It's a key deadline because the OS in many ways was Microsoft's most popular operating system to date -- beating out Windows XP's market share after a struggle, Windows Vista's without any contest and its immediate successor Windows 8/8.1's pretty handily.

Windows 10 has been taking over from Windows 7, more slowly than Microsoft publicly stated it wanted, and with fits and starts, but it's getting there.

If you're one of the organizations that's still working your way free of Windows 7 -- and take comfort in the fact that you're far from alone -- the editors of have put together a series of resources to help.

Check out our "Ultimate Guide to Windows 7 Migrations." This free guide brings a lot of what you need to know into a single 22-page PDF.

The guide includes:

  • A summary of key dates, not just for Windows 7 but for other critical products that are nearing their support deadlines.
  • Discussions of options for methods to migrate to Windows 10.
  • An emergency section describing what to do if some or all of your desktops won't make the upgrade deadline.
  • Details on the way the new Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure fits into the mix.
  • Exclusive survey research about migration progress and deployment plans from our research arm, Redmond Intelligence.
  • Key information about what to look for in client systems if you're pairing your Windows 10 migration with new hardware.

Click here to download this valuable resource and get your Windows 7 migration project on track (registration required).

Posted by Scott Bekker on 03/18/2019 at 3:10 PM


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