11 Great iPhone/iPad Apps for Windows IT Pros

From monitoring SQL Server to remote-access tools to cloud synching to Cisco security, here's 11 apps that any Windows techie with an iPhone or iPad will want to check out.

From monitoring SQL Server to remote-access tools to cloud synching to Cisco security, here's 11 apps that any Windows techie with an iPhone or iPad will want to check out.

Even though Microsoft is making a big push (and soon a bigger push) with Windows Phone 7, iPhones and iPads are still the mobile devices to beat, even in Windows shops (we know because on this site, which is read by Windows IT pros, the vast majority of our mobile traffic comes from iOS devices).

With over 225,000 apps available in iTunes, there's pretty much an app, well…for that. And as your "that" is Microsoft IT-related, here's 13 applications we think you'll want to check out.

SQLServer Mobile Database Client (iPhone/iPad)

This app looks to be a handy little tool for anybody wanting to keep tabs on network databases. Along with monitoring your SQL Servers (compatible with SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2008R2) it allows for mobile updating and the running of custom ad-hoc queries. Connections to the servers from your iPhone and iPad can be done by a local network or secure VPN connection.
Price: $7.99
Maker: impathic

Citrix Receiver (iPad)

Businesses utilizing Citrix Systems' application hosting services can access their Windows-based apps with this tool. Along with accessing your apps, the Citrix Receiver allows for remote access to your complete desktop remotely and can deploy new client software, patches and updates by bypassing many steps usually necessary for packaging or distributing. Best of all, it's free!
Price: Free
Maker: Citrix

Documents To Go (iPhone/iPad)

Check out this app if you want to be able to access and modify your Microsoft Office documents away from the work computer. Documents To Go allows access to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, as well as PDF. Files can sync from your desktop to your mobile device, and vice versa.
Price: $9.99
Maker: Dataviz, Inc.

Cloud Connect Pro (iPhone/iPad)

This tool is geared to those who have files all over the place, not just your desktop. Connect to FTP sites, Dropbox and a multitude of public clouds with this app. Allows for syncing from both directions (iOS device to PC/cloud/digital storage), and has a quick finder that automatically locates local access points, including wireless printers.
Price: $24.99
Maker: Antecea, Inc.

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (iPhone/iPad)

This app is a handy way to keep tabs on what, when and where you have to be. Work orders can be filed and claimed, and the GPS locator will notify of where everybody on your IT team is at all times. This useful tool looks like the a great way to track work and streamline IT schedules for IT departments that travel to multiple offices. Or it could be a great way to cheat at a city-wide game of hide-and-seek with your coworkers.
Price: Free
Maker: Oracle USA, Inc

WinAdmin (iPhone/iPad)

This Windows remote desktop protocol client is not just another PC access app. It allows IT pros to diagnose and fix problems with clients' systems without ever laying a hand on their keyboards. It also can handle running more than one connection with multiple PCs at the same time. Compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista and Windows Server 2008.
Price: $7.99
Maker: Carter Harrison, LLC

iMy (iPhone/iPad)

According to the description, iMy is a "full MySQL client for the iPhone" that can "generate complex queries without ever using the keyboard." Once a query is generated, the app sends it directly to a Google spreadsheet or lets you e-mail it. Sever stats can also be tracked. (BTW: Another MySQL app worth checking out is MobileCan.)
Price: $5.99
Maker: Spanware

Server Density (iPhone/iPad)

Find out why, where and exterminate the reason (or individual) responsible for your slow server speed with this subscription-based app. It will notify you exactly what's causing the bottleneck in performance as well as track memory usage, network traffic, process count and custom system reports. Push notifications will alert you of an issue, even when you're watching Netflix from your phone.
Price: Free (Subscription price varies)
Maker: Boxed Ice Ltd.

IP Network Scanner (iPhone/iPad)

With multiple systems and mobile devices sharing the same network connection in any enterprise, figuring out who is connected to what at any given time could waste valuable time for the IT pro. This tool looks to help clear up the confusion by automatically displaying the machines attached to any LAN access point. It also allows you to customize identity names, run scans for troubleshooting and import your own custom device lists.
Price: $9.99
Maker: 10base-t Interactive

Cisco SIO To Go (iPhone/iPad)

If a threat is detected on your network, your iPhone or iPad will alert you immediately. Cisco's security app also gives you the capabilities of customizing your own threat alerts, tracking security signatures and notifies you of the latest mitigation bulletins. Another handy feature included is the ability of checking a particular domain for your Web reputation score.
Price: Free
Maker: Cisco



Have a useful IT-related app that we've missed? Let us know by posting in the comments or e-mailing us and we'll add it to a future list.

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