.NET, Meet My Watch

.NET has always had a mobile angle to it. Now the mobile side is getting more than a small boost with the release of a beta for the new .NET Micro Framework developer kit. With it, you can use Visual Studio to write software for small devices like handhelds, smart watches and other doohickeys that run embedded software. Does this mean my watch will crash as often as my laptop?

Red Hat Execs Happy, Shareholders Aren't
Red Hat pulled out all the stops this quarter in giving money to its executives, and Wall Street pulled out all the stops in driving the stock price down after all this compensation depressed profits. I guess open source and pure capitalism aren't incompatible, after all.

Say Goodbye to Jolt
Yesterday, I talked about some of the press releases I get that have no relevance whatsoever. I have just one announcement that, while not exactly technical, may be right up the Redmond Report reader's alley. Move aside, Jolt Cola and $12 cups of Starbucks' UltraMocha/Cappa/Latte/Grande. Shock-A-Cino, a new ultracaffeinated coffee, is on the market. This heart attack in a cup could be coming to a convenience mart near you. Hope the stores come stocked with defibrillators.

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