Messaging and Spam

With some surveys showing almost 70 percent of corporate e-mail messages are spam, there is clearly no larger issue right now for the Exchange administrator than blocking spam.

That's why you'll find a big focus on spam in this special report on Windows-based e-mail servers.

Riding to the rescue, seemingly, is Microsoft with the delivery of its Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) technology for free to Exchange customers.

In the first article, we take a close look at who IMF is for, who it isn't for, and we make firm recommendations around the technology.

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Next, we look at all the features Microsoft is packing into Service Pack 1 for Exchange Server 2003 -- a major change from the way Microsoft used to deliver service packs. While we're thinking about the big picture for Exchange, we take a look at Microsoft's recent decision to kill "Kodiak," it's next-generation version of Exchange.

Finally, we cover some trends industry players are finding relating to spam volume and the CAN-SPAM act.

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