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Movers, Joiners, and Leavers: Managing personnel changes and external users in Microsoft 365

In this 45-minute, on-demand webinar, learn how to (safely) manage and secure licenses and user access. Learn more!

4 new ways to intelligently transform ITOps using AIOps-driven automation

Most enterprise ITOps organizations desire a state of self-healing systems capable of identifying and resolving issues without human intervention. While the allure of eliminating known, repeatable incident response workflows offers immense promise, these initiatives often fail to get off the ground. Learn how IT operations can jumpstart automation programs that tie together BigPanda Incident Intelligence with Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform – so you can go from knowledge to automated response.

Strategies for Implementing Simulation Training

Join some of the industry's top security experts for this three-hour crash course on how to foster a culture of cybersecurity vigilance in your organization.

End User Ransomware Training Tips, Tricks and Pitfalls

Join this webinar for a new approach to building cyber resilience for the employees on the front lines of your organization.

Why You Need End User Ransomware Training (and How To Do It So They Listen) Summit

Join some of the industry's top security experts for this three-hour crash course on how to foster a culture of cybersecurity vigilance in your organization.

Microsoft 365 Backup & Recovery 101: What To Avoid, What To Do and How To Manage It Summit

Join us for this free, half-day summit where some of the industry’s top independent experts will share their tried-and-true methods for designing, implementing and managing a disaster-proof Microsoft 365 backup and recovery plan. Make sure your Microsoft 365 data doesn’t get lost to the ether if (or when) disaster strikes – register today!

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT): Learn the Methods Bad Actors Use to Hack Your Organization

Join Rosa Smothers, former CIA Cyber Threat Analyst and Technical Intelligence Officer, now KnowBe4’s SVP of Cyber Operations, as she reveals the OSINT techniques employed by cybercriminals that can help you protect your organization before disaster strikes.

Coffee Talk: End User Experience Monitoring 101

Are you struggling to understand user complaints about application performance? Register Now to learn how monitoring end user experience can help you better optimize your applications and more! thank you

Azure Virtual Desktop Summit: Build a Better Virtual Desktop & Identity Migration Strategy to the Cloud

Our panel of experts and industry insiders will help you determine the best ways to plan, configure, migrate and manage your most critical infrastructure solutions for the cloud era. Whether you’re looking to learn more about cloud-based identity management with Entra or cloud-based VDI with Azure Virtual Desktop (or both!), we’ll guide you through the intricacies of building a more secure, scalable and cost-effective environment. Register today!

Moving Workstations to the Cloud: You Can Get There From Here

Join Scott Lilly, Quest Product Manager & Joe Sharmer, Quest Principal Strategic Systems Architect as they discuss options that don’t require a complete reimage of your devices.

Zero Trust-Focused End User Training Tips, Tricks and Pitfalls

Join Greg Schulz, Author and senior analyst at Server StorageIO and Microsoft MVP Cloud Data Center Management, as he discusses moving beyond the what and why to zero trust-focused end-user training, tips, best practices, and what to watch out for.

Trust No One Summit: Why You Should Modernize Your Security Posture with Zero Trust (and How To Do It)

Join this free, three-hour summit to get the expert guidance and insight you need to start modernizing your organization’s security infrastructure. Learn more!

Hybrid Cloud Backup All Demo Session: From Deployment to Day 2 Operations

In this All Demo webinar, two technologists from the Product Strategy team will point and click you through the critical setup steps, showing users of Veeam Backup & Replication™ and Veeam ONE™ just how easy it is to pivot your installation to natively protecting cloud hosted workloads in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Standardizing Backups Across Hybrid Cloud

In this webinar Veeam cloud subject matter experts share hybrid cloud data protection best practices, reference architectures and demos as a how-to for lowering costs, bettering security and standardizing backups across your hybrid cloud.

Strengthen Your Data Protection Security - Detect and respond to Malware attacks

Security is a journey, and adopting a Zero Trust approach is one of your best defenses against attackers. See how Veeam Data Platform can help you move closer to radical resilience and meet your compliance goals. Identifying risks and acting fast are critical when it comes to overcoming a cyberattack. Veeam’s Malware Detection Engine empowers administrators to uncover threats at the time of backup. Powered by AI and machine learning, data is scanned for malware, signs of encryption, and a litany of other indicators. When coupled with the Veeam Incident API, third parties can alert Veeam Data Platform about threats found in production and trigger backups for affected machines.