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Part II: Optimizing and Securing Communications in the Hybrid Workplace

This is the secont of a two-part podcast featuring experts from unified communications platform provider RingCentral.

How to Create a SIEM Framework That Aligns With NIST Guidelines

Join our webinar where our SIEM expert talks about how you can align your SIEM framework with NIST guidelines. Learn more.

Best Practices for Cloud Storage, Backup & Recovery Summit

Don't miss this half-day summit where you will learn best practices and insights you need to make sure, should the worst happen (and it very well could), you can come back up with the click of a button. Learn more.

AWS Architecture & Configuration Best Practices

In this session, we'll go through a few cloud architectures and explain why these design choices were made, and discuss a few best practices around application scalability, security and resilience. Learn more.

Expert AWS Best Practices Summit

Hear from experts who live and breathe AWS security, performance and recoverability and the editors of AWSinsider.net and Virtualization & Cloud Review in this half-day summit packed with tips and real-world advice.

Best Practices for Managing, Securing and Recovering AWS

Join our expert solution architect to discuss a comprehensive approach to management and security of AWS. Learn more.

Why Office 365 Backup is Essential

With Office 365, It's your data — you control it — and it is your responsibility to protect it. Join the experts to find out why Office 365 backup is so essential! Learn more.

What's New in Microsoft 365: Top Features You Might Have Missed

Keeping up with all the changes and new features in Microsoft 365 is a constant challenge. Join Nathan O’Bryan in this session as he covers some of the new features and functionality that have been announced for Microsoft 365. Learn more.

What's Ahead & Best Practices for Microsoft 365 in 2022

In this session we'll help you with the cliff notes brief understanding of "what's coming and what's new for this next calendar year" and catch you up on Microsoft 365 Best Practices. Learn more.

Microsoft 365: A Look Ahead to 2022 Summit

In this summit, join the editors of Redmondmag.com plus independent experts to learn everything you need to know about changes coming to Microsoft 365 in 2022! Learn more.

Hacking Your Organization: 7 Steps Cybercriminals Use to Take Total Control of Your Network

In this webinar Roger Grimes, KnowBe4’s Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, will take you through the "Cyber Kill Chain" in detail to show you how a single email slip up can lead to the total takeover of your network. Learn more.

Veeam Platform Updates: Protect Cloud, Virtual, Physical environments

Watch this webinar for a full run down of the latest on the Veeam Platform products with a demo of some of the newest capabilities, including native and advanced protection for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, and more! Learn more.

Hybrid Cloud & Cloud Database Preparation for 2022 and Beyond

Attend this free, half-day virtual summit brought to you by the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review, Redmondmag.com & AWSInsider.net to learn what you need to know now about performance, best practices and more for managing your hybrid cloud infrastructure and data thanks to insights, advice and insights brought to you by leading independent hybrid cloud experts. Learn more.

Your Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Infrastructure & Data: Wise Decisions for 2022 and Beyond

Whether its decisions about how to manage backups, or how to design high availability solutions in a hybrid cloud scenario, join us to learn about how to ensure you have availability, security and data integrity. Learn more.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Data & Database Best Practices

Whether you are on platform as a service, or infrastructure as a service, or in a hybrid model, you will face new and different challenges when moving to the cloud. Join this session to learn about how to optimize your databases in modern infrastructure. Learn more.