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Top Security Threats with Microsoft Teams

Full integration into “All the Microsoft Things” presents unique challenges and opportunities in Azure AD and hybrid environments – security is a huge consideration. Join this session to get Ian Thornton-Trump CD's conclusions but suffice it to say – not all collaboration apps are created equal and there are risks you need to know about when considering Teams as your solution of choice. Don't miss it!

Expert Microsoft Teams Security Best Practices

In this session, we'll cover aspects of Teams that may leave you vulnerable and what you should do to secure Teams. Learn more!

Coffee Talk: (Otherwise Invisible) Ways UCaaS Saves You Money on Telecom

In this session, we'll make all those savings very, very visible, plus talk about the various use cases. Don't miss it!

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 101 Summit

Join the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review along with independent experts for this information-packed half-day summit featuring real-world insights, tips, best practices and more when it comes to the infrastructure for your hybrid cloud environment, plus securing, managing and backup/recovery for the contents within. Don't miss it!

What's Hot in Azure AD/Active Directory: A 50-Minute Overview

In this session, Nathan O’Bryan (MCSM: Messaging, MVPr Office 365) will explore Best Practices for configuring your Azure Active Directory to ensure security, and compliance while maintaining the appropriate levels of access for end-users. Learn more.

Active Directory & Azure AD: What’s New & What’s Hot Summit

Join us for this free half-day summit where the editors of Redmondmag.com will bring together Azure AD and AD experts to walk you through the newest features plus share their tips, advice and best practices so you can walk away with a real catch-up of exactly what Azure AD/AD can do for your organization right now.

Top Ransomware Threats & Protection Summit

To protect your organization, you need to know the top threats right now , know how to deal with them and the best practices for protection (and recovery). Find out the best way to get your defense plan in place with this free half-day summit brought to you by the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review, AWSInsider.net and Redmondmag.com. Don't miss it!

Top Tips & Best Practices for Protecting & Recovering Your Enterprise Cloud

Join Greg Schulz, Author, Microsoft MVP (Cloud Data Center Management), and Sr. Analyst of the Independent IT Consultancy Server StorageIO, as he discusses trends, pain points, techniques, tips, and best practices for protecting and recovering your enterprise cloud. Don't miss out!

Modern Enterprise Cloud Security Summit

Join this free half-day seminar, brought to you by the editors of Redmondmag.com and Virtualization & Cloud Review, where you'll hear from independent infosec and cloud security experts about the top threats you're facing, get real-world architecture and management best practice advice, and find out the pros and cons of public, private and hybrid cloud platforms, plus much more -- don't miss it.

Enterprise Cloud Security Threat Landscape: A 50-Minute Overview

This session is going to be a harsh look into the difficulty of securing enterprise environments from threats. But, fear not. Ian will bring a multitude of insight, advice and approaches to helping CISO’s, business leaders, development and IT staff succeed in deploying robust security in a systematic way at enterprise level. Learn more!

Securing Azure AD and Active Directory Summit

This free-half day summit who will walk you through not only the critical security issues your AD infrastructure (whether on-prem with AD, cloud with Azure AD or the very likely hybrid mix of both) is facing, plus what you can do about it! Don't miss out!

Modern Hybrid Cloud Data Backup & Recovery Summit

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com, Virtualization & Cloud Review and AWSInsider.net for this free half-day summit along with independent experts who will help get you up to speed with real-world best practices for hybrid cloud enterprise backup and disaster recovery in 2022 and beyond.

Modern BCDR with Metallic DMaaS + Azure

In this session, we will discuss how cloud-delivered data management can secure your digital transformation efforts and fortify your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy - and how Metallic, from Commvault, and Microsoft Azure break down data silos to protect endpoint, SaaS apps, and hybrid cloud data – from a single cloud-delivered solution.

Coffee Talk: Microsoft 365 Backup & Recovery Best Practices

In this session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen applies data backup and recovery best practices to the Microsoft 365 environment, discussing how to best assure that your data is always protected and your operations run without disruption. Protect your data. Protect your network. Protect your career. Join us for this lively and informative session.

Microsoft Inspire 2022 Round-Up: Hot News & What You Missed

Join this free, two-hour summit and find out from the Redmondmag.com editors and special guests everything that happened at the conference and how it will affect your enterprise. Don't miss it.