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Using Microsoft Teams for Effective SecOps Collaboration

Join us to learn how to get faster at detection and response, more proactive in risk reduction, and more efficient as a security team.

Recent Breaches: The Role of an Identity Compromise

Google's cybersecurity outlook for 2023 is a stark reminder that organizations must remain vigilant against identity and authentication attacks. In the last year, 84% of businesses fell victim to identity-related breaches, and 78% felt their bottom line from these attacks. To help combat this crisis, SentinelOne recently amplified its XDR solution with Identity Threat Detection & Response and Deception Technology. This fortress-like addition to SentinelOne's solution repertoire creates an extra layer of vigilance against potential malicious activity.

Endpoint Credential Theft: How to Prevent and Tackle the Adversary Head On

Endpoint Credentials remain High-Value Targets for cybercriminals. The 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that nearly 50% of all data breaches are caused by stolen credentials and cost an average 4M dollars per attack. Regardless of the credential type or stored location, A myriad of tools make it possible to access these high-value targets, providing cybercriminals with a potentially clear path for exposure.

IR Playbook: Top 5 Ways to Revolutionize Incident Response

When faced with a cyber-security incident, time is of the essence. Organizations must remain agile and proactive to stay ahead of potential threats. Utilizing sophisticated security tools can help teams swiftly detect, evaluate, and contain vulnerabilities before they cause any permanent harm. Join us for a virtual discussion as experts explore five use cases that make incident response faster and more comprehensive than ever before—enabling security analysts to respond quickly and efficiently while protecting their organization from developing threats.

Supply Chain Attacks: How to Protect Against Infiltration and Sabotage

Threat actors are turning to supply chain-based attacks as a means of exploiting customer-supplier relationships to infiltrate organizations. According to Gartner predictions, nearly half the world's businesses could be affected by 2025 - a stark reminder that security measures need constant reinforcement.

Ensuring Fast Data Recovery From the Cloud

Part of data protection best practices is to copy your backup data to an alternative location, and cloud storage is ideal for this, but it comes with a few challenges. Attend this webinar with Adrian Moir, Senior Consultant Product Manager, Quest Software to learn more about these challenges and the best practices and technologies to overcome them.

Security Readiness Best Practices with Veeam Data Platform

Join this session, to discuss how new features like Direct-to-object storage and the expanded options for application-consistent cloud backups will provide even more security protection.

Microsoft 365: Top Security Features & Best Practices Summit

There's so much IT leaders need to know about keeping their M365 installations secure in 2023 that the editors of Redmondmag.com have created this free, half-day summit where you'll hear from independent Microsoft 365 and security experts on the best ways to keep your M365 (and your enterprise) secure. Don't miss it!

Best Practices for Keeping M365 Secure

In this session, Nathan O’Bryan (MCSM: Messaging, MVPr Office 365) will explore Best Practices for Securing, Administering & Recovering M365 to ensure security, and compliance while maintaining the appropriate levels of access for end-users.

Inside Microsoft 365s Security Features

Whether you need to encrypt your emails, secure user logins, secure endpoints, prevent data loss, detect and respond to attacks, or even run attack simulations, Microsoft 365 has you covered. In this session, we'll dive into some of those security features and how you can take advantage of them in your own environment!

Coffee Talk: Microsoft Spring 2023 Support Cliff and Migration Planning

Register for this Coffee Talk to learn exactly what’s falling out of support and when, the security and licensing implications, and how to find the least-painful upgrade paths for your organization.

The Future of AIOps and ChatGPT

In this Tech Talk, John K. Waters, editor in chief in the Converge360 Group of 1105 Media, talks with entrepreneur and thought leader Bob Friday, Chief AI Officer at Juniper Networks, about ChatGPT and the future AIOps, which organizations are implementing to automate infrastructure operations and DevOps.

Master Class: Leveling Up Your Microsoft Teams Voice Experience

Today's new modern workforce requires businesses to provide employees with tools they need to collaborate and work productively to address the universal shift to remote work. Join this session to learn about Vonage's integration with Microsoft Teams that connects distributed workers through enterprise grade voice, SMS, MMS and AI while leveraging existing Microsoft investments.

Identity, Access Management & Endpoint Protection Mini-Summit

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com have created this free, two-session mini-summit featuring real-world insights on how you can keep your organization secure. From new approaches with Zero Trust and Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) to compliance issues around IAM, authentication and endpoint protection, you'll get real-world insights you don't want to miss. Register now!

Coffee Talk: Managed Detection & Response 101: Why MDR and Why Now

Join this session for a deep dive into MDR, what it can do, what it can’t do and if you truly want to protect critical assets – what the foundational controls must be to make MDR bring business value. Gain clarity in the chaos of the modern threat landscape and understand that MDR is a key part of the new “layers of cyber defence.”