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IT News, Feb. 17: Google Licenses ActiveSync; SharePoint Gets Search

Google Licenses ActiveSync; MS Adds Enterprise Search to SharePoint; Exchange Labs Becomes Outlook Live; Bad Economy Good for Cloud, Says MS Exec

IT News, Feb. 9: Windows SKUs, XP in the Enterprise

Windows 7 SKUs Announced; Enterprises Prefer XP; Patch Tuesday Preview; WiFi Networks Spreading Worms; IT Salaries Down; more.

IT News, Week of Feb. 2

Windows 7 Beta Extended; Release Candidates for IE8, ASP.NET MVC Available; Vista SP2 RC rumored to be ready; VMware Revenue Rises; Gets Hacked; more.

IT News, Week of Jan. 26

Microsoft Layoff Rumors Get Real, Earnings Down; European Commission Looks at IE Again; Spammers Targeting Job Sites; Google Expands Partner Program; more.

IT News, Week of Jan. 19

Microsoft Layoff Rumors Continue; Windows 7 Gets Remote Admin Tools; Schools Test Exchange 14; SaaS Gains Momentum with Developers; more.

IT News, Week of Jan. 12

One Fix for Patch Tuesday; Windows 7 Beta Extended; Microsoft Releases IE8 Blocking Tool; Enterprise Data Breaches on the Rise; Software Pirates in China Get Hard Time; more.

IT News, Jan. 5 2009

Zero-Day IE Exploit Gets Quick Fix; SQL Server 2005 SP3 Released; New Linux Kernel Released; Windows 7 Beta Leaked to Web; more.

IT News, Dec. 15

Microsoft Hires Former Yahoo Search Exec; Patch Tuesday Explodes with 28 Fixes; Open Source Thrives in the Enterprise; U.S. is Biggest Malware Culprit; more.

IT News, Dec. 1

IE8 Coming in Early 09; Morro To Replace OneCare; Exchange, SharePoint Become Services; Microsoft Offers $20M for Yahoo Search; more

IT News, Nov. 17

Nov. Patch Tuesday Review; Live Services Roll Out; Sun Cuts Workforce; IT Spending Remains Steady for '09, Says Survey; more.

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