May 2009 - Behind the (IE)8 Ball

Microsoft is releasing IE8 under pressure from competitors. But will the new browser scratch or run the table? Also in this issue: Tech-Ed 2009 celebrates third-party vendors, companies weigh cloud computing's security risks, Microsoft re-tools Windows Mobile, SQL gets a performance boost, and more.


Tech-Ed: Let's (Third) Party!

Independent software vendors have long been the life of Microsoft's party by producing products that fill in the gaps Redmond leaves open. For Tech•Ed North America 2009, we celebrate third-party vendors and preview what they'll be announcing and demonstrating at the show.

A Secure Leap into the Cloud

Companies looking to reduce costs through cloud computing will have to make some tough decisions about security.

SQL Speed Secrets

Wait-time analysis can help improve performance by focusing on how long applications take to respond to queries.

Windows Mobile's New Moves

Facing strong competition from Apple and Google, Microsoft looks to re-tool Windows Mobile for the enterprise market.

Behind the (IE)8 Ball

Under pressure from competitors in a high-stakes game, Microsoft is releasing Internet Explorer 8. But will the new browser scratch or run the table?


Mixed Views on Cisco's Server Play

The networking giant won't necessarily storm into the server space, observers say.

Microsoft's Open Source White Paper

Microsoft's "Perspectives" on its relationship with the open source world creates confusion by being pragmatic in some places and too friendly in others.

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