March 2009 - Windows 7: Microsoft's Redemption?

After Vista, readers think Windows 7 might be the OS that saves Microsoft. Also in this issue, SQL Server 2008 goes far with just a little code, Microsoft's Virtual Machine Manager and VMware's ThinApp get reviewed, Microsoft pushes enterprise apps during its Convergence conference, Live Mesh's best days are still ahead, and more.


Will Windows 7 Be Microsoft's Redemption?

Early versions of Windows Vista's successor could burnish the operating system's tarnished reputation in the desktop market.

Exploiting SQL Server 2008 Through Code

SQL Server 2008 has a ton of new DBA features, but if you really want to make this thing go, just crank out a little code.


Convergence Tackles Tough Times

Microsoft's annual Dynamics conference will be all about how companies can benefit from enterprise applications in a down economy.

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