February 2009 - Who's Afraid of Scareware?

You should be. Redmond presents ways to stop scareware and fix the damage it creates. Also in this issue: Five tips to get more out of Windows Server 2008, the best way to approach unified communications, readers review OpenOffice.org 3, and much more.


Unified Communications, Step by Step

Unified communications (UC) is an all-encompassing term that describes a variety of applications. While the idea of implementing UC can seem overwhelming, the best approach is to take it bit by bit.

5 Hot Tips: Get More out of Windows Server 2008

IT pros are learning how to take advantage of the hidden talents in Microsoft's newest server OS. Here are five tips to get you started.

OpenOffice.org 3: Free and Easy

Now 15 years old, the open source productivity suite is still gaining fans and improving compatibility with its chief rival, Microsoft Office. Readers weigh in on version 3 of the suite.

Who's Afraid of Scareware?

Are you? Bogus pop-ups that hide crippling malware can bring networks to their knees. Here are some methods to stop scareware and fix the damages that it inflicts.


Four Security Fixes Planned for Patch Tuesday

Microsoft plans to rollout four security bulletins for this month's patch cycle on Tuesday, with two "critical" items and two "important" patches on the slate.

IT Hiring and Salaries Down, but Not Out

Despite gloomy economic projections, IT professionals may fare better than people working in other job sectors this year, according to Computer Economics report.

Windows 7 Product Strategy Unveiled

Microsoft described its product lineup plans for its forthcoming Windows 7 operating system launch, expected in early 2010 or possibly earlier.

Enterprises Still Prefer XP, but Its Time Is Running Out

Windows XP powers "71 percent of PCs within North American and European enterprises," according to a report published last week by Forrester Research.

Windows 7 Passes Beta Tests

Thus far, Vista's successor is looking better than its maligned predecessor.

Spying on the Pirates

V.i. Labs' anti-piracy application can be as relevant to IT as it is to ISVs.

HP: In Touch with the Future

HP's new line of touch-screen desktops could be the beginning of the end for the mouse.

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