December 2008 - Maritz vs. Microsoft

VMware and its new CEO Paul Maritz want you to virtualize every bit of your datacenter. Also in this issue: why giving overtime pay to help desk employees is a good idea, Exchange 2007 SP1 vs. BlackBerry policy settings, and more.


The Help Desk Overtime Bomb Is Ticking

IT managers who don't think that their help desk employees qualify for overtime pay might be very wrong -- and that can cost companies money.

Back to the (Virtual) Future

With the upcoming Virtual Datacenter Operating System, new VMware CEO Paul Maritz wants to virtualize every bit and byte of your data center.

Are ActiveSync's New Policies in Sync?

With Service Pack 1, Exchange 2007 gets a slew of new policy settings. We take a look at how they stack up against those of the BlackBerry.


SQL Injection Hits Amid the Holidays

Redmond continues to investigate a new zero-day bug affecting popular database application SQL Server.

ERP, Easy as NAV

Dynamics NAV 2009 brings business intelligence to users.

Microsoft Reaches for the Clouds

Redmond pulls back the curtain on several next-generation core products.

Hacked Off

Out of a need to protect new video game releases came an anti-tamper application that's now making its way into the enterprise.

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