July 2005 - It's Groove Baby!

Redmond interviews Ray Ozzie. Plus: Bag big bucks for your next project; Dump your DMZ; WSUS: Better name, better product and much more!


Build a Better Business Case

Need cash for your next big project? Don't sweat it -- IT managers share their time-tested tips for prying open the corporate wallet.

Halt: Who Goes There?

Biometric devices offer more security than standalone passwords. Here are three products that go beyond the basics for authentication and verification.

It's Groove Baby!

Redmond's newest CTO hopes to make his mark on Microsoft's collaboration efforts, and perhaps much more.

WSUS: Better Name, Better Product

Readers report that Microsoft's Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) tool is a vast improvement over its predecessor SUS.

An Open Look at Groupware

Open source groupware is better than ever, but for those seeking to replace Exchange, some caveats apply. Jim Conley examines the state of open source groupware and why it matters in a Microsoft shop.


A Question of Scale

Benchmark published for SQL Server 2005; scalability story is mixed.

Mobile Feature Pack to Upgrade Security

Technologies coming this fall should make configuring, administering and securing exchange e-mail via mobile phones an order of magnitude easier.

A Script for Success

Former Novell VAR aims to put Boca Raton on Windows map -- again.

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