November 2002 - Your .NET Decision

Windows .NET Server Migration Considerations. Plus: 70-310 VB.NET/XML Exam reviewed; Novell NDS to Active Directory migration; Group Policy and Windows XP; what's new in network interface cards; more.


The Shadow-Copy Knows

Volume Shadow Copy, another new Windows .NET feature, shifts the burden of backups and restores back to users.

Group Policy XPerience

You can do more with Group Policy in Windows XP than in Windows 2000 Professional. Here’s a guide to the changes.

Tough Migration Moves

Migrating from Novell Directory Services to Active Directory is hard work. This article explains how to assess your current situation, formulate an action plan and specify features for third-party help.

What’s New With NICs

Evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, current network interface cards offer increased speed, better CPU utilization and specialized functionality.

.NET Leap of Faith

Release of Windows .NET Server is getting close. Should your company consider moving? Windows Insider Bill Boswell makes a case for the upgrade to Microsoft’s newest operating system.

User Administrators: More Efficient Management

.NET sports features that'll streamline lower-level admin tasks.


Certified Mail

Licensing confusion, and more salary survey feedback.

Numbers Game

"MCP By The Numbers," a monthly update of Microsoft certification that we published in the magazine, now appears on Microsoft's MCP Web site. The numbers show up with a few interesting discrepancies.

MCTs Allege CTEC Rip-off

A CTEC in Florida is under the gun from a number of MCTs who say they haven’t been paid for work done.

Microsoft Says Security Emphasis is Paradigm Shift

Security remains a hot-button issue for Microsoft, as Brian Valentine, senior vice president for Windows, touted Redmond's new “hard" approach to software development.

Microsoft's Online Support Program: Ends Nov. 1

For a limited time, Microsoft offers rapid online support for selected Microsoft products, including SQL Server 2000 and Windows 2000 Server. Cost of support: $99.

6 Electives Added to MCDBA Title

Microsoft allows MCAD/MCSD.NET core exams to count toward elective credit for MCDBA title.

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