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    Closeup of futuristic fabric

    Microsoft Fabric Gets More Secure, More Open and More AI

    The inaugural Microsoft Fabric Community Conference took place last week in Las Vegas, Nev., giving attendees insights into the inner workings of Microsoft's data and AI plans -- what's in the works, what's now available, and what's still to come. 04/02/2024

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    Microsoft and OpenAI Working on 'Stargate' AI Datacenter

    Microsoft and Open AI, the company behind ChatGPT, reportedly are continuing their strong partnership push in the AI space with the development of a supercomputer datacenter worth over $100 billion. 04/02/2024

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    Microsoft Unbundles Teams from Office To Address Antitrust Worries

    Microsoft is unbundling Microsoft Teams from the larger Office 365 and Microsoft 365 productivity suites for all business customers, expanding on a licensing change it implemented last fall in certain European markets. 04/01/2024

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