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Neebula Plans BSM and ITSM as a Service

Neebula, a startup provider of software that maps hardware and software with business service requirements, next week plans to release a preview of its ServiceWatch solution as a SaaS offering.

ServiceWatch is used by a number of large enterprises for so-called business service management (BSM) and IT service management (ITSM). Simply put, it models systems with business requirements to ensure organizations are meeting specific objectives.

Neebula -- not to be confused with hot private cloud infrastructure startup Nebula, the company founded by OpenStack vet and former NASA CTO Chris Kemp -- is taking on some established players in the BSM field including BMC, CA Technologies, Compuware, HP, IBM, NetIQ and SAP. Its founders, who consist of veterans from BMC, EMC, and HP, launched the company in 2009.

Early adopters of ServiceWatch include Amdocs, Bechtel, Ceva, EL AL Airlines and leading firms in the financial service market that the company is not identifying. ServiceWatch includes a dashboard to monitor the health of key IT components across silos while mapping it to business services such as CRM, billing, finance and inventory management.

ServiceWatch lets IT managers utilize administrators who may not have deep knowledge of systems, storage, network, virtualization and/or application infrastructure, while eliminating the need to manually link dependencies between those IT components, according to the company.

By moving to a software a service model, Neebula said it can reduce the time and complexity involved in installing its software on premises or via a cloud hosting provider. Also by SaaS-enabling ServiceWatch, Neebula will let customers deploy its BSM tools without having to add further infrastructure, while offering self-service deployment and administration.

To be determined is whether Neebula can take on its entrenched rivals, while also convincing large enterprises that deploying BSM and ITSM as a service is reliable and secure.

Neebula appears to be betting that the SaaS offering of ServiceWatch will appeal to those who will not or can not go through the process and cost of deploying these solutions internally or through a third-party cloud provider. Neebula is letting prospective and existing customers test the trial version for 30 days.

Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on 08/09/2012 at 1:14 PM


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