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Doug's Mailbag: Keeping an Eye on IT, More

Last week, Doug wrote about the not-so-good side of IT, which can result in everything from snooping to out-and-out theft. Here are some of your thoughts:

I would guess it comes down to "who polices the police."

I propose that there's not just the intentionally bad IT folks out there; it is also the young and foolish IT folks out there. I would be more concerned with folks trying to learn on PRODUCTION equipment and making an enormous mess or disaster then trying to cover it up. I have had a few experiences with IT admins like this.

Spam (the e-mail kind, not the canned meat) made headlines recently when Symantec reported a surge in junk e-mails. But Rich seems to be one of the lucky few who were relatively unscathed:

Funny you should mention spam. Sorry to hear you are getting so much of it. I, on the other hand, have noticed that I have been getting a lot less for the past several months (probably since the beginning of the year). I used to get 200 to 300 spam messages a week. Now I get about five to 10 a week. Big difference. I just figured a major botnet or two were shutdown.

And finally, as Doug hinted, readers were quick to respond to his question about Robert Clary, whether it was to give the right answer, reminisce about the show, or even express varying degrees of befuddlement:

LeBeau! The French POW/chef at Stalag 13. Who doesn't know that?

Didn't he play Labar (or something like that) in "Hogan's Heroes"? Little guy, and one of the prisoners. That's my guess.

Don't remember any movies he was in. He wasn't the star of the movies, just one of those supporting actors. Kind of short, French accent that sounded phony (guess I was wrong about that), had chubby cheeks.

Robert Clary was the hilarious French LeBeau on "Hogan's Heroes." One of the favorite after-school shows for this latch-key kid!

He made a mean apple strudel, too. After "Hogan," he was on "Young and the Restless" for a few years.

Robert Clary is Corporal Louis LeBeau. I don't know why I replied to this. I guess I just love "Hogan's Heroes." I own the whole series on DVD. I have a 15-year-old son who watches them as much as I do. He actually stops playing World of Warcraft to view them with me. Now that's really an accomplishment!

He was always cooking fine cuisine to bribe or distract Shultz! LOL, fun memory. So he was really French? And that was supposed to lend credence to the scam e mail? Too funny.

I did a quick Google, and it doesn't mention a French lottery on his Web site.

Robert Clary? Doesn't ring a bell. Here is what had to say on the matter: "No articles were found mentioning 'Robert Clary.' Please refine your search and try again."

Will there be an answer in the next edition of the Redmond Report? I really hate cliffhangers!

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Posted by Doug Barney on 06/26/2009 at 1:16 PM


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