10 Technologies Microsoft 'Borrowed'

These technologies may not have been Microsoft originals, but today they bear the Redmond stamp.

Top 10 Influential Microsoft Pundits

Without these folks, we'd be in the dark about the goings-on at Redmond.

Creative Server-Naming Conventions

Readers reflect back to the days when naming their servers involved imagination and the ability to possess a sense of humor.

Names for Longhorn Server

A comical take on what we might expect from Redmond when it releases its new server -- whenever that may be.

Useful Microsoft Blogs

Amid the Internet blog din you can find a few gems, including these, many of which are written by Microsoft employees sharing inside dope and insightful tips.

Steps Microsoft Should Take to Improve Security

The topic this month is no laughing matter.

Extraordinary Places to Work

Perk-filled, dangerous and beyond the call of the duty -- how does your company match up?

Names for Windows XP sans Media Player

Denied the actual list of names submitted by Microsoft to the EC, we felt it our duty to do our best guesstimating.

Egregious Forms of Business-Speak

We certainly hope you're not guilty of using some of these IT buzzwords at work!

Things You Want To Tell Bill Gates

Yes, you ask for money (nice try), but also for better patching, MCP support and for the Microsoft founder to keep on keeping on.

Bad Product Names

What's in a name? A whole lot more than some people anticipate.

Bill Gates' New Year's Resolutions

A little humor for the holiday season.

Reasons Things Are Better Today than 86 Years Ago

A perspective on the recent accomplishment of a certain baseball team from Boston.

Living the Sweet Life After Microsoft

Where are they now?

Best Presidential Candidates We'll Never See

Bill Belichick, the Dalai Lama and George Lucas are among our favorites. Who would you like to see?

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