Get a Handle on Logons

Thwart lockouts with UserLock v2.2.

Control Your Metadata

Make sure the information you distribute is only what you really want out there.

AD for the Novice

Mission-Critical Active Directory addresses the intricacies of this complex topic.

Never Forget a Backup

Peer Software's Save-N-Sync simplifies a tedious task.

Take Control of Your Network

Lightspeed Total Traffic Control puts you back in charge.

Mapping the PC Genome

Desktop DNA delivers enterprise-wide system migrations.

70-305: Web Woes

Knowledge of Web technologies is imperative to your success with Visual Studio .NET. Here’s the exam that’ll help you prove your expertise.

Automated Help Documentation

RoboHelp Office X3: This first-rate help authoring tool gets better.

Locating the Weakest Link

AppSight 4.0 maintains watch over events that may be making your application crumble.

Analyze That

Total .NET Analyzer can pinpoint problem areas in your code.

Stay Up on Current Events

Despite a few rough edges in the beta version, Entegra does a fairly complete job of auditing SQL Server activity.

Sniffing SOAP

Mindreef SOAPscope can track SOAP requests crossing the wire.

Drag-Drop Programming

Visual Workbench comes close to allowing you to code by dragging objects in the Visual Studio IDE.

EmEditor 3.28

SQL Compare

Briefing: Attunity

Connect to legacy data without abandoning your new, slick API.

XMLSpy 5

StarTeam 5.2

NetIQ SQL Management Suite

A solid overall resource and event management solution for multiple SQL Servers.

Briefing: Teamplate

New tool offers rapid deployment of .NET-based process automation solutions.

Office 365 Watch

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