Microsoft Authenticator Support for Apple Watch Ends in January

The Microsoft Authenticator app, used to assure secure authentications, won't be compatible with the Apple Watch, starting next month.

Azure Active Directory Enhanced Sign-In Branding Gets Previewed

Microsoft is previewing new customization options for Azure Active Directory-based user sign-ins to applications, as announced on Monday.

Microsoft Buys Hollowcore Fiber Cable Maker Lumenisity

Microsoft announced on Friday that it has acquired Lumenisity, a maker of hollowcore fiber cable for global networking infrastructure.

Microsoft Authenticator for iOS Now Complies with FIPS 140 Standard

The Microsoft Authenticator app for iOS devices is now compliant with the U.S. government's "Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140" security standard, according to a Thursday Microsoft announcement.

FTC Looks To Block Microsoft Buy of Activision with Lawsuit

Microsoft's record-breaking purchase of video game company Activision Blizzard is in trouble after the Federal Trade Commission filed suit to block the sale on Thursday.

Cameyo's Virtual App Delivery Service Now Supports Linux Apps

Cameyo on Wednesday announced that its Virtual App Delivery service now supports Linux applications, expanding from Windows apps support.

Rackspace Confirms Ransomware Attack on Hosted Exchange Service

Managed services provider Rackspace issued an announcement on Tuesday confirming that its hosted Microsoft Exchange e-mail service was disrupted by a ransomware attack.

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Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service Getting Bolstered by Isovalent's Security, Networking and Observability Solutions

Microsoft and Isovalent on Monday announced efforts to bring eBPF capabilities to Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Microsoft Previews Role-Based Access Control for Apps in Exchange Online

Microsoft on Thursday announced a public preview of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Applications in Exchange Online.

Microsoft Entra Gets New Admin Portal, Plus Machine Learning for Access Reviews

Microsoft is starting to roll out a new Microsoft Entra Admin Center portal, along with some other product improvements announced this week.

The Good and the Bad of Windows 11's New Smart App Control

The new security feature does help to address the growing ransomware issue. But it's not perfect.

Microsoft Starting To Enable New Windows Store App Distributions via Intune

Microsoft on Wednesday offered a few more details for IT pros about its Windows Package Manager and Microsoft Intune integration, enabling app distributions through the "new Windows Store."

Microsoft Sentinel Adds Preview of Incident Tasks Feature

A preview of a Microsoft Sentinel "Incident Tasks" feature was announced on Tuesday by Microsoft.

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Azure Lighthouse Now Has Privileged Identity Management Delegation

Microsoft on Monday announced the "general availability" commercial release of Privileged Identity Management (PIM)-enabled Azure Lighthouse delegations.

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Microsoft Entra Workload Identities Commercially Released

The Microsoft Entra Workload Identities service is now available as a commercial product offering, having reached the "general availability" stage, Microsoft announced on Monday.

Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management Preview Can Now Check for Firmware Vulnerabilities

The Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management service can now assess the firmware security of client devices, a new capability that's available at the public preview stage, per a Monday announcement.

Microsoft Previews Organizational Messages for Windows 11 Users

Microsoft has released a preview of a Microsoft Intune "Organizational Messages" capability for IT pros, which lets them send notices to Windows 11 users, per a Thursday announcement.

Windows Admin Center in Azure Now Has Azure Active Directory Controls

Azure Active Directory authentication capabilities for IT pros using the Windows Admin Center in Azure management console are now commercially released at the "general availability" stage, per a Thursday Microsoft announcement.

Microsoft Ending Autodiscover Authentications with Exchange Online

Microsoft is planning to turn off the ability to use Autodiscover to authenticate with Exchange Online for all tenancies, starting this year, according to a Wednesday announcement.

Windows Update for Business Reports Commercially Released

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the "general availability" commercial-release of Windows Update for Business Reports.

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