Microsoft No Longer Supports Office 2013

Microsoft on Wednesday offered a short posthumous public notice that its perpetual-license Office 2013 product has passed its end-of-support phase.

Microsoft Previews Authenticator Lite for Outlook Mobile Apps

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a public preview of a new "Authenticator Lite" solution for Outlook Mobile apps.

Report Indicates Microsoft Working on AI Chip

Microsoft reportedly is working on a chip, code-named "Athena," that will support large language models used with artificial intelligence (AI) applications, according to a report by The Information (paywalled).

SharePoint 2013 Workflow for Microsoft 365 To Lose Support in 2026

Microsoft on Monday offered details about the coming end of SharePoint 2013 workflow for Microsoft 365 users, which lets organizations automate business processes.

Windows 365 Cloud PCs Now Encrypted at Rest

Microsoft now encrypts new Windows 365 Cloud PCs at rest, starting this month, according to a Friday announcement.

Microsoft Offers Guidance on Secure Boot Bypasses by BlackLotus Malware

Microsoft this week offered guidance on how organizations can investigate the possible presence of so-called "BlackLotus" bootkits, which are capable of exploiting Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)-based Windows systems.

Microsoft To Tighten Azure Storage Default Permissions

Microsoft on Wednesday pledged to tighten how Azure Functions works with Azure Storage to address security concerns that were raised by Orca Security.

Microsoft Releases Windows Local Administrator Password Solution

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the roll out of a new "Windows Local Administrator Password Solution" (LAPS).

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Microsoft Targets 97 Flaws in April Security Update

Tuesday saw the release of this month's Microsoft security update -- featuring fixes for 97 flaws, including one zero-day exploit.

Microsoft Details Attack Methods Using Azure AD Connect

Microsoft explained last week how purported nation-state attackers were able to "manipulate the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Connect agent," and then destroy a victim's Azure environment.

Microsoft and Fortra Clamp Down on Cobalt Strike Use for Ransomware Attacks

Microsoft and Fortra are using licensing agreements and copyright laws to thwart ransomware attacks, according to a Thursday Microsoft announcement.

Microsoft Bringing AI-Powered Copilot to OneNote App

Microsoft indicated this week that Microsoft 365 Copilot will be coming to its OneNote note-taking application.

Microsoft Unveils Signature Teams Rooms Design for Face-to-Face Meetings

Microsoft this week announced the publication of its "Signature Teams Rooms" design, which aims to make meetings with remote participants seem more natural and inclusive.

Windows 365 Frontline Limited Preview Now Available

Microsoft on Thursday announced a limited public preview of Windows 365 Frontline, a new desktop-as-a-service offering for use by shift workers.

Microsoft To Bump Up Universal Print Allocations Next Month

Microsoft is planning to increase the overall monthly print-job allocation for Universal Print users from five print jobs per month to 100 print jobs per month, starting next month, according to a Wednesday announcement.

Microsoft Edge Workspaces Available as Limited Preview

Microsoft has broadened access to the Microsoft Edge Workspaces preview, which lets people collaborate in a group space within the browser.

Microsoft Rolls Out 'Learning Rooms' with Support from Experts

Microsoft announced new Learning Rooms, a free online space to connect with technical experts and other students learning Microsoft products, in this Tuesday announcement.

Microsoft Configuration Manager Switching to Biannual Update Model

Microsoft is switching Microsoft Configuration Manager updates from its typical three times per year to a biannual release cycle, as announced on Monday.

Microsoft Suggests Tracking Cloud Permissions in 2023 Report

Microsoft last week announced the release of its "2023 State of the Cloud Permissions Risks Report" (PDF), which catalogs potential cloud services risks associated with access permissions.

Microsoft Mostly Fixes Azure Active Directory 'BingBang' App Misconfigurations

Microsoft on Wednesday confirmed that it has addressed a so-called "BingBang" security issue that affected "small number of our internal applications" due to Azure Active Directory authorization misconfigurations.

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